Book Reviews from Summer Readers!

It’s Summer…and that means Summer Reading!  More specifically, it means the Library’s Summer Reading Program…with lots of kids reading and writing reviews.

Here are a few of our favorites from the last week:

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This book is called The Frog Princess, by ED. Baker.

frog princessIn this book, Princess Emma, an aspiring witch from the kingdom of Greater Greensward, is persuaded into kissing a frog who claims to be Prince Eadric of Upper Montevista.

He claims that, if he is kissed by a princess, he will return to his true form as a prince. But when Emma kisses him, the spell backfires, and she is turned into a frog, too!

Emma is determined to find the solution to this curse that she receives, especially since that she doesn’t want to be stuck as a frog forever with her only companion the ever-annoying Eadric.

Emma goes to her aunt Grassina — Green Witch and protector of Greater Greensward — for advice. After being locked up in a witch named Vannabe’s house, meeting a bat named Li’l Stinker, meeting three spiders, one, who apparently was very knowledgeable about knots, AND meeting a snake named Fang, and his girlfriend, Clarisse.

Grassina tells Emma that her bracelet — the one that Grassina gave Emma for her birthday to protect her — backfires any curse that is put upon Emma, and, therefore, backfired on her when she kissed Eadric, turning her into a frog. Grassina tells her that she must find the bracelet and wear it while kissing Eadric again.

Emma knows that an otter took her bracelet when she turned into a frog. She, Grassina, and Eadric go looking for the otter. But when they find him, Emma sees a problem: Otters eat frogs.

Emma comes up with a plan to trick the otter. She will disguise as the Swamp Fairy and demand the otter to give up the bracelet. Every living thing with common sense knows not to anger a fairy. (A fairy can be nasty when angry.) But the otter isn’t very wise, and Emma finds herself turning the otter blue.

But her plan backfires after she gets the bracelet and meets the REAL Swamp Fairy, who demands a price for being impersonated. Emma and Eadric give her the vile of Dragon’s Breath that they had collected back in Vannabe’s cottage. But the fairy demands the BRACELET.

Emma and Eadric say NO. They tell the fairy about their mission to get back into their human forms. When the fairy hears that, she quickly takes back her request.

Emma and Eadric try the kiss again. This time, with Emma wearing the bracelet. IT WORKS!

Meanwhile, Grassina has been acting funny. When Emma and Eadric find her, she is stroking the otter’s ears and rubbing his fur. When Emma questions her, she says that the otter is her betrothed, Haywood, and it turns out that Grassina’s mother hadn’t turned Haywood into a frog when she got mad at him. She turned him into an otter!

I like this book because it has a lot of humor and suspense, and best of all, there’s a sequel!

By BS, entering grade 4

* * *

Ghosts By: Rina Telgelmeir

ghosts rainaGhosts is about a girl who moves to Southern California because her sister needs to be more healthy. The girl’s name is Cat and her sister’s name is Maya. Maya has a hard time breathing. When the two sisters meet ghosts, they swarm around Maya and she had to go to the hospital. She stays in the hospital for a while but then gets better. She has always loved ghosts and Cat introduces a nice and friendly ghost and they play together!! Although Maya has a hard time breathing they have a lot of fun together! I like this book because the author keeps me interested!

By HP, entering grade 5

* * *

UnSouled By Neal Shustermanunsouled

It is the 3rd book in the UnWind dystology and it’s REALLY GOOD! Connor gets captured by his fan. Then Lev saves him and Connor’s fan’s sister, Grace. Connor,Lev and Grace go to Arápache reservation after Connor hits Lev with a car and needs to save him. Starkey creates an army of storks and hangs 5 people from a ceiling fan. Cam comes to the Arápache reservation and he has Wil’s hands and part of his brain!!!!!!!! Then Una and him kiss!!!!! (Una was Wil’s fiancé) Then Connor, Grace, and Cam all leave together and at the end get reunited with Risa and Sonia! And Sonia tells them about a body parts printer, the solution to stopping unwinding!!! And then the book ends :(, and I must start UnDivided :)!!!!

By CL – entering 5th grade

* * *

Milk To Ice Cream By Lisa M Herrington milk to ice cream
This taught me about ice cream and that milk is the step they need the most. .I Ilke this book because I love to eat ice cream. The end.

By RR, entering grade 2

* * *

Title: Charlie Joe Jacksons Guide To Not Growing Up
Author:Tommy Greenwaldcharlie joe jackson's guide to not growing up
Well the thing that I loved about this book is that I think the same I think that you can do whatever you want when you grow up but thats not all true when I read this book I am loving it now that I’m a child but I don’t want to grow up until I read this book so basically this book inspired me to enjoy being a child but don’t be afraid of growing up. So this is one of my favorite books.

By AS, entering grade 6

* * *

So…just a handful of some early reviews.  We’re hoping for quite a few more by the end of August.   We are all eager to read some new recommendations, and to share them with others..  These five reviews are great examples; they’re all a little different, but they all have some information about what the book is about, followed by the reviewer’s opinion of the book–why they liked it.  (Or didn’t like it, if you didn’t.)  That’s what a true review is all about.

You too can join the Weston Library Summer Reading Program, for fun and for prizes!  Just sign up online at and join the Libraries Rock Elementary Program.  We’ll be happy to read your reviews too!  If you’d like your review featured here  on our blog, just add a note to the bottom to that effect.

Happy Summer, and Happy Reading!


Summer Reading — Favorite Kids Reviews!

These are some of our favorite Book Reviews by our Dream Big Summer Readers.  We picked favorites based on their description of the book, how well written they were, and if they made us laugh.

If you’d like to  see other reviews by kids, go to our Summer Reading Page and click on the link See All Reviews at the bottom of the page.  (the link opens another page, which doesn’t have an address.)

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Who Was Eleanor Roosevelt? By  Gare Thompson
Review by Alyssa, Grade 4

Who was Eleanor Roosevelt you ask? She was the first first lady in 1932 – 1948. 4 terms! She married Franklin Delano Roosevelt in 1905. In her childhood she was a shy kid who had little confidence with herself. When she grow up she was a teacher, newspaper columnist, and best selling author. She had 6 kids Anna, James, Franklin Jr. (who died 7 months after birth), Elliott, Franklin Jr. #2, and John.

* * *

Wonder, by R. J. Palacio
Review by Ryan, Grade 5

My eyes are open. I can’t believe people can be so cruel. I have never cried about a movie or book but this one might be different. You should really read this book.

* * *

Blubber, by Judy Blume.
Review by Qian, Grade 5

Weird story, but shows the message: BULLYING IS BAD. DON’T BULLY. IT DESTROYS PEOPLE. PERIOD.

* * *

How to Clean Your Room in 10 Easy Steps, by Jennifer Huget.
Review by Henry, Grade 1

I LOVED it. My sister actually followed the instructions. You should have seen the pile of stuff in her room!

* * *

Prince Caspian, by C. S. Lewis.
Review by Joy, Grade 5

Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy were waiting for trains to come. Peter and Edmund would be going on one train to their school and Lucy and Susan would g to their own school on a different train. The place where the 4 kids waited was a platform and a bench. Suddenly, Peter felt a pulling motion. Peter said to Susan “Stop pulling me!”
Susan said ” I’m not even touching you!” Susan felt it too. Slowly everybody felt it. Edmund said ” Hold hands. I feel it too! It is magic!” Suddenly, the platform and the bench was gone!  Then…
Read the book Prince Caspian to find out what happens to Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy!

* * *

Clementine, by Sara Pennypacker.
Review by Janelle, Grade 3

This book was awesome. I loved when they cut their hair. Margaret was an interesting villian. I liked the pigeon wars.

* * *

Just Ducks! by Nicola Davies.
Review by Katie, Grade 1

I liked the book because I liked the last page. It says quack, quack, quack over and over again. (I counted 34 times.)

* * *

Third Grade Detectives #9: The Case of the Sweaty Bank Robber, by George E. Stanley.
Review by Lucian, Grade3

Someone robbed the principal’s office and the banks. A girl named Noelle wants to help. The police thinks that it’s the same person who robed the banks and the principal office Noelle’s class is trying to find out who’s the robbed before the police can. Can Noelle’s class find out before the police?  I think that everyone should read this book!

* * *

Mercy Watson Fights Crime, by Kate DiCamillo.
Review by Emma, Grade 2

This book is so funny. Mercy accidentally catches a thief who steals from the Watson’s kitchen. She doesn’t catch him because she knows he’s a thief and wants to stop him. Rather, she hears the noises as he takes the toaster and smells the butter scent of the candy he is eating. Mercy loves buttered toast!!!

* * *

The Face on the Milk Carton, by Caroline B. Cooney.
by Catherine, grade 4

This book is about a girl named Jennie Spring and she is kidnapped at age 3, in a shopping mall in new jersey. She is taken by a girl named Hannah who is insane and gives Jennie to her parents but says her name is Jane Johnson.Hannah soon runs away to the cult. 9 years have passed and her real parents are still very worried. Jane is now 12 and is at lunch with her friends and finds her face on the milk carton(they put a childs’ face on a milk carton if they are missing). Jane starts freaking out because she didn’t know she was kidnapped. Read the book to find out what happens to Jane or is it Jennie???

* * *

Benny and Penny in Just Pretend, by Geoffrey Hayes.
Review by Austra, Grade 1

I liked the book because it was teaching how to be nice to your little sister. I also have a little sister. She is six months old!!

* * *

Elephants, by Steve Bloom.
Review by Gillon, Grade 4

The elephant ‘s worst enemy is the human! Elephants are good swimmers, like to play, have surprisingly good memories. Elephants live for 70 years on average. If elephants pass by a site where an elephant died many years ago they will stand still in the spot for several minutes. Apart from their tusks, elephants 24 teeth.

* * *

The kids who wrote these reviews will get an extra point to use for their reading prizes!  Remember, if you’re in our Dream Big Summer Reading Program, the deadline is coming up!  You have until Monday, August 27th at midnight to put your books into your reading log!

Happy Reading!


Summer Reading – Reviews from Dream Big–Read!

We’re sharing a few of our favorite reviews each week!  These were from the public entries on the Summer Reading Log page, submitted between July 3rd through July 9th.  The reviews we pick say something interesting about the book read, are well written or make us laugh.  (If you want to see other reviews, go here, to our Summer Reading Page.)

If we feature a review, the summer reader who wrote the review gets an extra point to spend in our Summer Prize Case!

Now, on with the reviews!

* * *

Houndsley and Catina: Plink and Plunk
by James Howe
Review by Emma, grade 2

In this great chapter book for early readers about friendship, Houndsley and Catina help each other overcome their fears.  With Catina’s help, Houndsley overcomes his fear of riding a bicycle.  With Houndsley’s help, Catina overcomes her fear of canoeing by learning to swim.

 * * *

Otto’s Orange Day
By Frank Cammuso & Jay Lynch
Review by William, grade 2

It’s a very interesting book.  The moral of the story is never wish for something that you might not want…

* * *

Nancy Drew: The Haunted Show Boat
y Carolyn Keene
Review by Thea, grade 5

Number 35, I’m trying to read all of them.  21 left!

 * * *

The Fourth Stall
by Chris Rylander
Review by Maeve, Grade 6

This is an original… about how guys are pals. It is also about what really matters at Middle School. I thought this book was pretty funny. It was a good read and I could never put it down or stop thinking about it at night…(All in a GOOD way!) Do yourself a favor. Read it…NOW!!

 * * *

The Scorpio Races
by Maggie Steifvater
Review by Elena, grade 6

“It is the first on November, so today someone dies” that line is one that hooks you in and it kept me hooked through out the whole story. i would definitely recommend this book.

 * * *

The Dragon in the Sock Drawer
By Kate Klimo
Review by Emma, grade 4

When Jessie and Daisy the dragon keepers find a geode they think it’s a rock with crystals inside WRONG later a dragon hatches from the egg the keepers think it’s going to be awesome having a dragon but they have to protect this dragon from the dragon slayer

 * * *

by Jason Glaser
Review by Kevin, grade 3

I loved the book. And if you get a cold you should check a doctor. And get a lot of rest. if it gets worse you could die. did you know that gargling salt water helps a sore throat? Well, it’s true.

 * * *

By Judy Blume
Review by Violet, grade 2

Fudge’s whole family is in Maine on vacation with the Tubmans and they have funny adventures.  I like when Fudge and his friend Mitzi dance around and say they have fudge-a-mania and also when Uncle Feather is loose. – Violet

 * * *

Goddess Girls: Aremis the Loyal
by Joan Holub & Suzanne Williams
Review by Margeaux, grade 4

Artemis can’t compete in the Mount Olympus Games because she is a girl and her brother can. Artemis gets in a big fight with her Brother Apollo because she embarrassed him twice in front of his friends by winning some unofficial games against him.

 * * *

Cowgirl Kate and Cocoa: Spring Babies
By Betsy Lewin
Review by Will, grade 2

The new puppy and the horse, Cocoa, get along in the barn.  The dog and horse think there are ghosts in the barn but Kate shows them it is just some owls.

* * *

Clementine’s Letter
By Sara Pennypacker
Review by Ishika, grade 3

Clementine’s teacher gets picked to go to Egypt, and her new teacher is mean to her. Clementine writes a lot of bad things about her new teacher in her letter, and she gets picked to read her letter out aloud to say why their teacher should win. She instead says nice things about her teacher instead.

 * * *

I Spy Treasure Hunt
By Walter Wick
Review by Joey, grade 1

After a little bit, I figured out that behind the pictures it has a story. One page showed all the pictures. It showed a little bit of a village, then an island with the treasure on it.  Then on other pages it zoomed in on the tree house.  It zoomed in on some buildings.  Then it zoomed in on the light house.  Then it went into the shed by the light house.  Then it went down the secret trap door in the shed, into a dark, mysterious cave.  Then out onto the shore.  From there you could see the island.  Then it showed the island through binoculars.  Through binoculars I could see a rock skull and two rock crossbones.  For the teeth of the skull, a well.  Then on the last page it showed the well right from the top with a bucket pulled up, filled to the brim with jewel and gold treasure.

 * * *

Here are the covers:

♥There you have it!  A dozen favorite reviews from our summer readers.
(sorry about the spacing of the book covers. I’m not sure WHAT happened there!)

Happy Reading!

Summer Readers – Extra credit Reviews!

We’re sharing a few of our favorite reviews each week!  These were from the public entries on the Summer Reading Log page, submitted between June 13th and July 2nd.  The reviews we pick say something interesting about the book read, are well written or make us laugh.

If we feature a review, the summer reader who wrote the review gets an extra point to spend in our Summer Prize Case!

* * *

Stargirl, by Jerry Spinelli
Review by Sofia, grade 6

Leo feels fascinated and intimidated by Stargirl, the new girl at school. She is a special girl, immune to the criticism of the rest of the kids; she also draws a lot of attention to herself, something that he would never do. However, ever since Stargirl arrived, Leo cannot stop thinking about her. She touches the lives of many, and her story becomes a lesson of how those who are considered different, almost always become immortal.

* * *

Lily’s Crossing, by Patricia Riley Giff
Review by Joy, grade 5

Lily Mollahan is a girl that lives through WW2 (world war 2). Lily always tells lies every minute. She said that her Aunt Celia is an American spy in Berlin, Germany. When Lily goes to Rockaway fo the summer in 1944, Her friend, Margret says that she has secrets. Margret asks Lily if her father is going to go overseas. Lily says that her father is not going to go toEurope because he has plenty of stuff to do in the city.

When Poppy comes to Rockaway, he tells her that he needs to go to Europe because the war needs engineers and Lily is so  sad because they planned to do a lot of stuff that summer.  Lily runs out of the house and goes to Margret’s house. Margret has given her the key to their house.

Mr. and Mrs. Orban have a refuge living with him. His name is Albert and he has a sister named Ruth in France.

* * *

Pie, By Sarah Weeks
Review by Ellie, grade 5

Do you like pie….then you will love this book.  I can’t wait to make the coconut cream pie- the recipes are included in between the chapters.  But the story is not about making pies, its about friendship, family, and doing nice things for others.

* * *

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, by J. K. Rowling
Review by Bharathi, Grade 4

This book was amazing! I liked it so much I’m so sad that ends the end of the series. The book was scary. I woke up every morning and just started reading because I wanted to know what happened next. I kept on worrying I was going to finish the book that day because I never wanted the book to end.

* * *

Just Add Magic , by Cindy Callaghan
Review by Hanna, Grade 3

Kelly and her friends, Hannah and Darbie found a secret recipe book in her attic.They found some interesting recipes like love potions and stuff. But they receive a warning that if they disrupted the balance of nature, they would have to do good deeds to restore the balance.


Review by Lila, Grade 5

When Kelly Quinn and her friends Darbie and Hannah find a secret recipe book they think all there troubles are over. But then they learn about The law of returns…

* * *


So…that’s only a few days of reviews!  Next week, we’ll see some more fun reviews that came after we said we’d be publishing our favorites…



Guest Reviews!

Our summer student workers have been very busy!  Here are two more reviews of books they enjoyed.

* * *

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days
author:  Jeff Kinney

Greg’s in middle school and his idea of a fun summer is playing video games, but his mom does not agree. Greg writes a journal about his summer vacation with many pictures. Greg has many adventures like when his dad called the cops on him! Greg spends some of his time swimming with his friend Rowley at the country club and the rest of it getting punished. Greg’s mom wants to plan some family time and Greg does not agree.

This was a great book. I liked the way it was written, a fun journal with pictures. It was really funny and I think you would really enjoy it. I would recommend the book for fourth grade and up.

Review by Paul

* * *

Ramona Quimby, Age 8
author: Beverly Cleary
illustrator: Alan Tiegreen

Ramona is going to a new school. She will be starting third grade. Ramona takes the bus with Howie. She’s nervous about the new school and her new teacher, Miss Whaley. Ramona decides to be a show-off and make students laugh. Ramona gets into all sorts of tricky situations. She is messy, loud and funny.

I think this is a great book for kids because it is funny and you can learn something. I would recommend this book for second, third or fourth graders.

Review by Mooneyka

* * *

Two great,  funny books! (And both have been made into movies in the past year too!) Try one yourself, and see if you agree with Paul and Mooneyka!

Guest Review: Junie B., First Grader

And now, another guest review!

* * *

Title: Junie B, First Grader: Cheater Pants
Author: Barbara Park
Illustrator: Denise Brunkus

Junie B. is in first grade and didn’t make time to do her homework. She decides to cheat from May’s homework. Her teacher, Mr. Scary, explained to Junie that it was wrong to copy. He decides to send Junie’s parents a note to sign.

Will Junie cheat again?

I think this book was pretty funny because Junie B. writes funny things in her journal. Junie learns an important lesson about honesty.

I would recommend this book for first graders that like a funny story with a good lesson about school.

Reviewer: Mooneyka

Guest Reviews

Enjoy these fun reviews from some of our summer student workers!

Author: Jackie French Koller
Illustrator: Judith Mitchell

Darek finds a Dragonling whose momma was killed.  Darek takes care of the baby dragon and names it Zantor.  They become friends and Darek needs to take Zantor back to the dragons.  Darek is scared; he knows the other dragons won’t like him.  Zantor is getting big and can light fires.  He is getting too big and very tall.  Zantor needs to be with other dragons.

I think you would like this book if you like fantasy and dragons.  There are a few good illustrations.  The story has suspense and a good ending.  It is a good book for second and third graders. I really enjoyed this book.

Review by Paul

* * *

Nate the Great
Author: Margorie Weinman Sharmat
Illustrator:  Marc Simont

Nate the great is a detective.  Nate is asked by his friend Annie to help her find her lost picture.  Annie needs help to find the picture of her dog named Fang.  Nate looked in Annie’s room.  Nate searched the room under the desk and under the bed and could not find the picture. Nate will keep on looking for the missing picture. He will search till he solves the case.

I think Nate the Great is a good detective book and he likes pancakes for breakfast.  Nate the Great is a funny book and is a great book for first and second graders to read.

Review by Mooneyka

* * *

The Black Book of Colors
Author: Menena Cotti, translated by Elisa Amado
Illustrated by: Rosana Faria

The main character is Thomas. He’s blind. Thomas uses his other senses to understand the different colors. The book has words that are in Braille and the pictures are textured. I thought that this book was great because there were textured pictures. There’s not a lot of books that have textured pictures so that’s what makes this book special. I would prefer that the book be printed with Braille that was raised a bit more so that the book is easier for people that use Braille to read it.

Review by Pam

* * *

Cam Jansen and the Mystery Of The U.F.O.
By David A. Adler

Cam Jamsen is a girl in elementary school who likes adventures and likes to figure out mysteries.  Cam helps her friend Eric enter a photography contest.  She sees an object that is a U.F.O. – an unidentified flying object!  They are surprised, and even a little scared.  Will Eric and Cam get to take a picture of this strange object? What will happen?  I would recommend this story to a child who enjoys mystery stories.

Review by Pam

* * *

We hope you enjoyed these guest reviews! As always, if you would like any suggestions on finding a great book for your child, please ask one of our librarians for help!