New Year, New Books!

We just added a cart of new books for January.  Here are a few of my favorites!

Picture Books

The Bear Ate Your Sandwich, by Julia Sarcone-Roach

bear ate your sandwich  “By now I think you know what happened to your sandwich.  But you may not know how it happened.  So let me tell you.

It all started with the bear.”

Read all about this bear and how it came into a neighborhood from the woods and just happened upon the beautiful and delicious sandwich, all alone.  Of course it ate it!

Or is that REALLY the way it happened..?

You may see the surprise ending coming, or you may not.  Either way, this is a great story to read aloud to kids of all ages.

* * *

Sick Simon, by Dan Krall

sick simonSimon loves school!  He looks forward to going every day.  Even the day when he’s sneezing, coughing, his nose is dripping green goo.  He feeds the class chinchilla, shares his snacks with friends, and passes around his stuffed toy for show and tell.  But by Wednesday, his classmates are running away from him.  By Friday, he’s the only one on the bus.

And that’s when the germs show up, to tell him he’s their hero.  Simon may have to change his thinking about some things…

A funny look at why going out in public with a cold isn’t the best idea.  The illustrations may be a little hard to look at (the green goo made my stomach churn!) but the resolution will make everyone–kids, parents, teachers, librarians–happy.

* * *

The Storm Whale, by Benji Davies

storm whaleNoi and his Dad live with their six cats by the sea.

One day, when Noi’s Dad goes out in his fishing boat, Noi finds a small whale washed up on the beach.

Can he save it?

I loved the illustrations in this deceptively simple story.  I think you’ll love it too.

* * *


Earmuffs for Everyone!  How Chester Greenwood Became Known as the Inventor of Earmuffs, by Meghan McCarthy

Earmuffs for everyoneIt seems like such a simply idea…a cap to keep your ears warm in the winter.  And yet…the story is a lot more complicated than that.

Every year in Farmington Maine, there’s a parade commemorating Chester Greenwood, the inventor of earmuffs.  But did he really invent them?  Or did he perfect an idea that was floating around out there?

Read this book and find out!

I love Megan McCarthy’s books.  She finds something intriguing and investigates.  Whether it’s chewing gum (Pop!) or famous individuals (Seabiscuit, the Wonder Horse)  or earmuffs, her interesting facts and wonderfully funny pictures make for a great quick and interesting read.

* * *

The Whale Who Won Hearts: and More True Stories of Adventures with Animals, by Brian Skerry

whale who won heartsBrian Skerry is a underwater photographer with National Geographic Magazine.  He grew up in Massachusetts, not far from here.  The Whale Who Won Hearts book is one of the new National Geographic Kids Chapters, a series designed for second and third grade readers interested in nature.

The book contains four different underwater stories involving leatherback turtles, harp seals, a beluga whale (on the cover) and coral reef sharks.  The stories are quick reads, and very interesting.  The photographs are wonderful.

If you have a budding naturalist, share this book with them.  And look up the other books in the series too!

* * *

And, on a more serious note

Red Madness: How a Medical Mystery Changed What We Eat, by Gail Jarrow

red madnessHave you ever heard of Pellagra?  I hadn’t.  Apparently, it was a disease that wiped out millions of people across the world.  No one really knew what caused it, and no one knew how to treat it.  Some people didn’t even know it existed…until someone they loved came down with the deadly illness.

When people across the American South started appearing in their local doctor’s offices with a red rash on their hands and feet, it was worrisome.  When it started spreading, and people started dying, doctors started calling it an epidemic.  No one knew what caused the rash, that started small and soon spread up extremities and across people’s faces.  No one could tell who would live and who would die. Nor could anyone decide why some people died and some seemed to get the disease every year, recover and come down with it again.

At first, doctors thought that corn somehow caused the disease, but through experimentation found that wasn’t true.  There was a link though, and health officials were determined to find out what was going on.

From the 1900 to the 1940s, Pellagra caused thousands of deaths, along with madness and debilitating health hazards each year.  Now, hardly anyone knows what it is, or even what cures it.  But every day, you eat something that will keep it at bay.  Find out what it is in this well-researched and intriguing book.  You will be fascinated.

* * *

And a few I haven’t read yet, but I want to, as soon as I clear some space in my TBR (to be read) pile!

Chapter Books:

Heidi Heckelbeck is not a thiefHeidi Heckelbeck Is Not a Thief!  By Wanda Coven

Heidi Heckelbeck’s 13th adventure!  When her best friend’s special pen goes missing, what’s a little witch to do?  Look in her Magic Book of Spells, of course!


* * *

owl diaries eva's treetopOwl Diaries: Eva’s Treetop Festival,  By Rebecca Elliot

The first book in a new chapter-book series about Eva Wingdale, a little owl with big ideas!


* * *


wollstonecraft Detective AgencyThe Wollstonecraft Detective Agency, Book One: The Case of the Missing Moonstone,  By Jordan Stratford

Just look at that cover!  Detectives, two girls in a hot air balloon, a spyglass…what’s not to love?  A made up story about two real people: Ada Byron, the world’s first computer grogrammer and Mary Shelley, the word’s first science-fiction author.  This adventurous mystery looks to be a lot of fun to read!

* * *

Story ThievesStory Thieves, by James Riley

Another great cover!  Owen’s a normal kid with normal problems, until he sees his classmate Bethany emerging from inside a book!  Turns out that Bethany is half fictional, and she’s looking for her missing father inside probable titles.  Owen promises not to tell…IF Bethany will take him inside his favorite series to meet his favorite character.  Of course, things don’t work out quite as planned, and soon Owen and Bethany are in trouble and on the run.

From the author of the wonderful Half Upon a Time, Twice Upon a Time and Once Upon the End, this is a book I’ve been waiting to read since I heard it was being written!

* * *

So…if you’re looking for something new to read, try one of these titles.  I think you’ll be happy that you did!



Teens: New ways to start looking for books

Want to find an award winning book?  Want to see what’s big in young adult literature?  Need a new place to start looking for books?  You are in the right place.  Award lists are way more than just that “one” winning book each year.  Take a look…

The BIG award in young adult literature

-The Michael L. Printz Award is an award for a book that exemplifies literary excellence in young adult literature.  Every year there is one winner and several runner-ups.  Find the complete list here:

A well recognized award for literature of all ages

-The National Book Awards are awarded by writers for writers and honor the year’s best work in fiction, nonfiction, poetry and young people’s literature.

Find the complete list here:   Click on each year and scroll down to Young People’s Literature

Looking to see who the hottest new authors are?

-The William C. Morris YA Debut Award, first awarded in 2009, honors a debut book published by a first-time author writing for teens and celebrating impressive new voices in young adult literature.  Find the complete list here:

Want to find an adult book to read but don’t know where to start?

-The Alex Awards are given to ten books written for adults that have special appeal to young adults, ages 12 through 18.  Find the complete list here:

Want to be able to browse the top 100 or so books of each year then choose one to read?

The Best Books for Young Adults lists fiction and nonfiction titles selected for their proven or potential appeal to young adults.  Browse the entire list (of about 100 titles) or just look at the top 10 of each year.  Find the complete list here:

Teens: Did you know about the Teen Info Collection?

  • The Teen/Young Adult Section of the library is right next to the Children’s Section. This is where you will find
  • Teen Fiction
  • Select Teen Nonfiction (written in novel form)
  • Teen Graphic Novels
  • Teen Magazines
  • Teen Audio Books
  • Teen CDs
  • Teen DVDs

But did you know about the TEEN INFO section?  It’s small collection of nonfiction titles of special interest to teens. The Teen Info section is located on a separate shelf in the Adult Nonfiction section, at the end of the 100’s row. So head into the Adult section, go past the CDs and audiobooks, take a right down the first row of nonfiction, and you will see it right in front of you.

You will find titles like the following: