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Looking for a gift at the last minute?  Try one of the books on our Gift List Favorites!

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Is a book not enough? Pair the book with something that reflects the content of the book!  A stuffed animal, a bracelet, a small toy, a magazine subscription…the possibilities are endless!



Summer Reading, Week Eight!

Yikes!  It’s going by so fast…

This is the LAST WEEK to enter books into your Summer Reading Folder!  (How did that happen?)  Our DEADLINE is MIDNIGHT on Sunday, August 24th.  (And yes, I will be checking my email up until that point to see if anyone needs help.)  Make sure that everything you read is entered into your online reading folder by then.

This week at the Library:

week eight

Our Science theme is ORNITHOLOGY!

Our Craft in the Craft Room is BIRD MASKS!

Our Special Programs this Week are:

14 mad science rocket demo

A ROCKET DEMO with Mad Science of Greater Boston on Tuesday, August 19th at noon


 14  Jeannie Mack august

SUMMER SING-ALONG with JEANNIE MACK on Thursday, August 21st at 10:30.

And here is this week’s Summer Newsletter:

bird newsletter


Our SUMMER READING CELEBRATION will be on WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 27th.  We may be adjusting the time, due to the deconstruction of Field School, so watch this space for more info!

Now, get our your books and start keep reading!


Summer Reading, Week Seven!

It’s Week Seven of our Summer Reading Program, and this week’s theme is Meteorology!  Check out our display, full of books about hurricanes, tornadoes, blizzards and weather forecasting.

Here’s what’s happening at the library for children August 11th – August 17th:

14 This week 7Don’t forget…Our FINAL Kidstock Theater performance is this Tuesday:

14  kidstock 3


And you can now sign up for the Mad Science Rocket Demo class which is next week:

14 mad science rocket demo


We’re approaching the end of the summer now…you still have TWO WEEKS to keep reading though!  The Summer Reading Deadline is Sunday, August 24th at midnight!

And, for our final bit of info, here’s our Meteorology Newsletter for the week:

14 newsletter 7 meteorology

Happy Reading!


Fizz! Boom! Read! Week Six!

It’s the sixth week of our Summer Reading Program, and we’re officially past the middle point.  It’s time to give you all those reminders about how much time you have to read!

Our SUMMER READING DEADLINE for entering all your reading into your online reading log is AUGUST 24th at MIDNIGHT!

Our SUMMER READING CELEBRATION to pick out a book and have an ice cream sundae is Wednesday, AUGUST 27th.  It will be a drop in between 4:00 and 7:00.  (Right before dinner, or after!)

On to what’s happening THIS WEEK:

14 This week 6

Our special program BLUE SKIES PLANETARIUM, is today.  We still have space available, and we have dropped the age on the 6:00 show from 6th grade to 4th grade, so if you’re interested, visit the library or give us a call!

14  blue skies  planetarium

Here’s our Summer Reading Science Newsletter for Astronomy:

14 newsletter week 6 astronomy

Happy Reading!


Fizz! Boom! Read! Week Five!

We’re just past the middle of the summer, and our readers are still going strong!  What’s happening at the library this week?  Take a look:

14 This week 5As you can see, we’re signing up now for Blue Skies Planetarium on Monday, August 4th.  Because it’s a Monday, and a new month, we’re hoping people won’t forget!  There will be three sessions, each one limited to 30 people.  (there’s only so much space in an inflatable planetarium!)  See the details on the sign below, and visit the library soon to sign up!

14  blue skies  planetarium

And, our last thing…this week’s newsletter!  There are some fun books featuring geology in the booklist, and a very fun craft and recipe.  Check it out!

14 newslettergeology

I hope everyone is reading up a storm this week!  😛  When August rolls around (at the end of the week!) we’ll start pushing the Summer Reading Deadline and the Summer Reading Celebration.  Don’t be caught by surprise!


Happy Reading!



Weston Summer Reading, Week Three!

This week, our science theme for the reading program is Oceanography.  (Even if I do keep wanting to type Oceanology, because of the Ology series of books.)  Here’s what’s going on this week at the Library:

14 This week 3

Mousetrap Science is with Jungle Jim, who did two GREAT programs last year–Jedi Jim and Hogwart’s Academy.  It’s for ages four and up, and it promises  to be a fun time for all!  If you know who Rube Goldberg is, think of his version of a mousetrap.  If you don’t…google him and figure out how much fun it can be!

Jeannie Mack is our favorite performer for toddlers, and she’ll be here on Thursday morning.  If you have a preschooler who likes to sing and dance, you should definitely join us!

And stop in anytime, opening until 30 minutes before closing, to make a Jiggling Jellyfish!

Here are the details of the programs this week:

14 mousetrap jungle jim14  Jeannie Mack 14 summer storytimes






If you’re looking for books or ideas about Oceanography, check out this week’s summer newsletter: A Moment of Sceince!

14 newsletter 3 oceanography

Also this week, get tickets for next week’s program: Egg-bert and Ice, with Mad Science!  That program will be on Monday, July 21st.

14 egg-bert and ice





If you’ve read anything great, let us know what’s your favorite book so far this summer!  I’m currently enjoying The Ghosts of Tupelo Landing, by Sheila Turnage. It’s the sequel to Three Times Lucky, another summer favorite.




Fizz! Boom! Read! Week Two Newsletter…Chemistry!

How’s your reading going?  We have some kids who have already read 15 books so far!

If you’re looking for something different, try one of the books in this week’s newsletter, featuring kids experimenting with magical chemistry sets, creating their own Frankenstein monsters, and having fun through other kinds of chemical mischief.  Or, if we have a rainy day (or a really hot one) you could try the recipe and craft.

14 newsletter week 2 chemistryKeep reading!