Summer Reading — Favorite Kids Reviews!

These are some of our favorite Book Reviews by our Dream Big Summer Readers.  We picked favorites based on their description of the book, how well written they were, and if they made us laugh.

If you’d like to  see other reviews by kids, go to our Summer Reading Page and click on the link See All Reviews at the bottom of the page.  (the link opens another page, which doesn’t have an address.)

* * *

Who Was Eleanor Roosevelt? By  Gare Thompson
Review by Alyssa, Grade 4

Who was Eleanor Roosevelt you ask? She was the first first lady in 1932 – 1948. 4 terms! She married Franklin Delano Roosevelt in 1905. In her childhood she was a shy kid who had little confidence with herself. When she grow up she was a teacher, newspaper columnist, and best selling author. She had 6 kids Anna, James, Franklin Jr. (who died 7 months after birth), Elliott, Franklin Jr. #2, and John.

* * *

Wonder, by R. J. Palacio
Review by Ryan, Grade 5

My eyes are open. I can’t believe people can be so cruel. I have never cried about a movie or book but this one might be different. You should really read this book.

* * *

Blubber, by Judy Blume.
Review by Qian, Grade 5

Weird story, but shows the message: BULLYING IS BAD. DON’T BULLY. IT DESTROYS PEOPLE. PERIOD.

* * *

How to Clean Your Room in 10 Easy Steps, by Jennifer Huget.
Review by Henry, Grade 1

I LOVED it. My sister actually followed the instructions. You should have seen the pile of stuff in her room!

* * *

Prince Caspian, by C. S. Lewis.
Review by Joy, Grade 5

Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy were waiting for trains to come. Peter and Edmund would be going on one train to their school and Lucy and Susan would g to their own school on a different train. The place where the 4 kids waited was a platform and a bench. Suddenly, Peter felt a pulling motion. Peter said to Susan “Stop pulling me!”
Susan said ” I’m not even touching you!” Susan felt it too. Slowly everybody felt it. Edmund said ” Hold hands. I feel it too! It is magic!” Suddenly, the platform and the bench was gone!  Then…
Read the book Prince Caspian to find out what happens to Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy!

* * *

Clementine, by Sara Pennypacker.
Review by Janelle, Grade 3

This book was awesome. I loved when they cut their hair. Margaret was an interesting villian. I liked the pigeon wars.

* * *

Just Ducks! by Nicola Davies.
Review by Katie, Grade 1

I liked the book because I liked the last page. It says quack, quack, quack over and over again. (I counted 34 times.)

* * *

Third Grade Detectives #9: The Case of the Sweaty Bank Robber, by George E. Stanley.
Review by Lucian, Grade3

Someone robbed the principal’s office and the banks. A girl named Noelle wants to help. The police thinks that it’s the same person who robed the banks and the principal office Noelle’s class is trying to find out who’s the robbed before the police can. Can Noelle’s class find out before the police?  I think that everyone should read this book!

* * *

Mercy Watson Fights Crime, by Kate DiCamillo.
Review by Emma, Grade 2

This book is so funny. Mercy accidentally catches a thief who steals from the Watson’s kitchen. She doesn’t catch him because she knows he’s a thief and wants to stop him. Rather, she hears the noises as he takes the toaster and smells the butter scent of the candy he is eating. Mercy loves buttered toast!!!

* * *

The Face on the Milk Carton, by Caroline B. Cooney.
by Catherine, grade 4

This book is about a girl named Jennie Spring and she is kidnapped at age 3, in a shopping mall in new jersey. She is taken by a girl named Hannah who is insane and gives Jennie to her parents but says her name is Jane Johnson.Hannah soon runs away to the cult. 9 years have passed and her real parents are still very worried. Jane is now 12 and is at lunch with her friends and finds her face on the milk carton(they put a childs’ face on a milk carton if they are missing). Jane starts freaking out because she didn’t know she was kidnapped. Read the book to find out what happens to Jane or is it Jennie???

* * *

Benny and Penny in Just Pretend, by Geoffrey Hayes.
Review by Austra, Grade 1

I liked the book because it was teaching how to be nice to your little sister. I also have a little sister. She is six months old!!

* * *

Elephants, by Steve Bloom.
Review by Gillon, Grade 4

The elephant ‘s worst enemy is the human! Elephants are good swimmers, like to play, have surprisingly good memories. Elephants live for 70 years on average. If elephants pass by a site where an elephant died many years ago they will stand still in the spot for several minutes. Apart from their tusks, elephants 24 teeth.

* * *

The kids who wrote these reviews will get an extra point to use for their reading prizes!  Remember, if you’re in our Dream Big Summer Reading Program, the deadline is coming up!  You have until Monday, August 27th at midnight to put your books into your reading log!

Happy Reading!



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