Summer Readers – Extra credit Reviews!

We’re sharing a few of our favorite reviews each week!  These were from the public entries on the Summer Reading Log page, submitted between June 13th and July 2nd.  The reviews we pick say something interesting about the book read, are well written or make us laugh.

If we feature a review, the summer reader who wrote the review gets an extra point to spend in our Summer Prize Case!

* * *

Stargirl, by Jerry Spinelli
Review by Sofia, grade 6

Leo feels fascinated and intimidated by Stargirl, the new girl at school. She is a special girl, immune to the criticism of the rest of the kids; she also draws a lot of attention to herself, something that he would never do. However, ever since Stargirl arrived, Leo cannot stop thinking about her. She touches the lives of many, and her story becomes a lesson of how those who are considered different, almost always become immortal.

* * *

Lily’s Crossing, by Patricia Riley Giff
Review by Joy, grade 5

Lily Mollahan is a girl that lives through WW2 (world war 2). Lily always tells lies every minute. She said that her Aunt Celia is an American spy in Berlin, Germany. When Lily goes to Rockaway fo the summer in 1944, Her friend, Margret says that she has secrets. Margret asks Lily if her father is going to go overseas. Lily says that her father is not going to go toEurope because he has plenty of stuff to do in the city.

When Poppy comes to Rockaway, he tells her that he needs to go to Europe because the war needs engineers and Lily is so  sad because they planned to do a lot of stuff that summer.  Lily runs out of the house and goes to Margret’s house. Margret has given her the key to their house.

Mr. and Mrs. Orban have a refuge living with him. His name is Albert and he has a sister named Ruth in France.

* * *

Pie, By Sarah Weeks
Review by Ellie, grade 5

Do you like pie….then you will love this book.  I can’t wait to make the coconut cream pie- the recipes are included in between the chapters.  But the story is not about making pies, its about friendship, family, and doing nice things for others.

* * *

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, by J. K. Rowling
Review by Bharathi, Grade 4

This book was amazing! I liked it so much I’m so sad that ends the end of the series. The book was scary. I woke up every morning and just started reading because I wanted to know what happened next. I kept on worrying I was going to finish the book that day because I never wanted the book to end.

* * *

Just Add Magic , by Cindy Callaghan
Review by Hanna, Grade 3

Kelly and her friends, Hannah and Darbie found a secret recipe book in her attic.They found some interesting recipes like love potions and stuff. But they receive a warning that if they disrupted the balance of nature, they would have to do good deeds to restore the balance.


Review by Lila, Grade 5

When Kelly Quinn and her friends Darbie and Hannah find a secret recipe book they think all there troubles are over. But then they learn about The law of returns…

* * *


So…that’s only a few days of reviews!  Next week, we’ll see some more fun reviews that came after we said we’d be publishing our favorites…




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