Summer Reading – Reviews from Dream Big–Read!

We’re sharing a few of our favorite reviews each week!  These were from the public entries on the Summer Reading Log page, submitted between July 3rd through July 9th.  The reviews we pick say something interesting about the book read, are well written or make us laugh.  (If you want to see other reviews, go here, to our Summer Reading Page.)

If we feature a review, the summer reader who wrote the review gets an extra point to spend in our Summer Prize Case!

Now, on with the reviews!

* * *

Houndsley and Catina: Plink and Plunk
by James Howe
Review by Emma, grade 2

In this great chapter book for early readers about friendship, Houndsley and Catina help each other overcome their fears.  With Catina’s help, Houndsley overcomes his fear of riding a bicycle.  With Houndsley’s help, Catina overcomes her fear of canoeing by learning to swim.

 * * *

Otto’s Orange Day
By Frank Cammuso & Jay Lynch
Review by William, grade 2

It’s a very interesting book.  The moral of the story is never wish for something that you might not want…

* * *

Nancy Drew: The Haunted Show Boat
y Carolyn Keene
Review by Thea, grade 5

Number 35, I’m trying to read all of them.  21 left!

 * * *

The Fourth Stall
by Chris Rylander
Review by Maeve, Grade 6

This is an original… about how guys are pals. It is also about what really matters at Middle School. I thought this book was pretty funny. It was a good read and I could never put it down or stop thinking about it at night…(All in a GOOD way!) Do yourself a favor. Read it…NOW!!

 * * *

The Scorpio Races
by Maggie Steifvater
Review by Elena, grade 6

“It is the first on November, so today someone dies” that line is one that hooks you in and it kept me hooked through out the whole story. i would definitely recommend this book.

 * * *

The Dragon in the Sock Drawer
By Kate Klimo
Review by Emma, grade 4

When Jessie and Daisy the dragon keepers find a geode they think it’s a rock with crystals inside WRONG later a dragon hatches from the egg the keepers think it’s going to be awesome having a dragon but they have to protect this dragon from the dragon slayer

 * * *

by Jason Glaser
Review by Kevin, grade 3

I loved the book. And if you get a cold you should check a doctor. And get a lot of rest. if it gets worse you could die. did you know that gargling salt water helps a sore throat? Well, it’s true.

 * * *

By Judy Blume
Review by Violet, grade 2

Fudge’s whole family is in Maine on vacation with the Tubmans and they have funny adventures.  I like when Fudge and his friend Mitzi dance around and say they have fudge-a-mania and also when Uncle Feather is loose. – Violet

 * * *

Goddess Girls: Aremis the Loyal
by Joan Holub & Suzanne Williams
Review by Margeaux, grade 4

Artemis can’t compete in the Mount Olympus Games because she is a girl and her brother can. Artemis gets in a big fight with her Brother Apollo because she embarrassed him twice in front of his friends by winning some unofficial games against him.

 * * *

Cowgirl Kate and Cocoa: Spring Babies
By Betsy Lewin
Review by Will, grade 2

The new puppy and the horse, Cocoa, get along in the barn.  The dog and horse think there are ghosts in the barn but Kate shows them it is just some owls.

* * *

Clementine’s Letter
By Sara Pennypacker
Review by Ishika, grade 3

Clementine’s teacher gets picked to go to Egypt, and her new teacher is mean to her. Clementine writes a lot of bad things about her new teacher in her letter, and she gets picked to read her letter out aloud to say why their teacher should win. She instead says nice things about her teacher instead.

 * * *

I Spy Treasure Hunt
By Walter Wick
Review by Joey, grade 1

After a little bit, I figured out that behind the pictures it has a story. One page showed all the pictures. It showed a little bit of a village, then an island with the treasure on it.  Then on other pages it zoomed in on the tree house.  It zoomed in on some buildings.  Then it zoomed in on the light house.  Then it went into the shed by the light house.  Then it went down the secret trap door in the shed, into a dark, mysterious cave.  Then out onto the shore.  From there you could see the island.  Then it showed the island through binoculars.  Through binoculars I could see a rock skull and two rock crossbones.  For the teeth of the skull, a well.  Then on the last page it showed the well right from the top with a bucket pulled up, filled to the brim with jewel and gold treasure.

 * * *

Here are the covers:

♥There you have it!  A dozen favorite reviews from our summer readers.
(sorry about the spacing of the book covers. I’m not sure WHAT happened there!)

Happy Reading!

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