Bella the Orangutan is the mascot for the Weston Public Library Youth Services Department. She sits on top of the book case near the Youth Services Desk, and her outfit changes to fit the display!

We adopted her name for the Weston Public Library Youth Services Book Blog. The books we review here will be mostly middle grade and teen books, for kids in grades four though high school, with an occasional picture book entry thrown in for variety.

Librarians Kelly and Shannon are responsible for the posts in this blog.


9 thoughts on “About

  1. Wow, what a fabulous list! I’m really so thrilled that two of my books made it! I have a new book coming out this spring called TRAUMA QUEEN which I hope your tween girl readers will enjoy, too!

    Yay for girl power!
    Barbara Dee

    • Thanks! It was a fun booklist to make.

      I’ll be on the lookout for Trauma Queen. I’m sure that the kids who have read Solving Zoe and This is Me From Now On will love that one too!

      • Hello, if you would be able to list my book when it is published I would love that. Looking for any exposure or reviewers. Thank you. find me using email or fb

  2. I stumbled upon your “Old Favorites” list while searching for a book. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I found “The Mystery of the Witche’s Bridge” which I have been trying to find for literally years. I really enjoyed browsing through your list, and I found some other late-childhood friends there. I’ll be checking back regularly. This is an amazing site. Your hard work is appreciated!

    PS Did y’all ever read any of the “Sue Barton” series? She’s one of the reasons I became a nurse almost 30 years ago.

    • Thank you! It’s so nice to hear when people appreciate our efforts!

      I did read the Sue Barton series…or at least some of them. I’ve heard from several friends who are nurses (and one doctor) that those books were what started their interest in medicine. When I was a kid, for awhile I wanted to be a stewardess (or, to be pc now, flight attendant) because of the Vicky Barr books. Sadly, they never had a librarian series, or I might have found my calling even earlier!

  3. Hi Bella the Orangutan!
    My name is W.D. Tuck and my environmentally conscious middle grade novel entitled ‘Magical Shades of Blue’ is being released this week. It has a whole host of wonderful animal characters from around the world (no orangutans but it does have giraffes, lions, tigers, pandas, howler monkeys, etc). It also has three very special young people named Herman, Lulu and Georgina. I was wondering if I might send you a copy of my book and if you feel so inclined, you might take a read. Your blog seems like a wonderful resource and a great place to celebrate the joy of reading! I thank you greatly for your time!
    All the best,
    W.D. Tuck

  4. Dear Bella,
    I’d like to introduce a new social media website and community blog for Wayland/Weston called MyTown: http://www.mytown.net I think it might be a nice resource to share your blog activities with the local community.

    MyTown is an online meeting place where residents can get to know each other by sharing their activities and interests with others. MyTown is free and open for all to participate.

    We hope to see you there!


  5. Bella, do you have a Kindle?

    I need young critics to review my sea story, The Trial of Sombar the Pirate (free on the Kindle this Thursday, March 15th)

    ( http://www.amazon.com/The-Trial-Sombar-Pirate-ebook/dp/B007I5PZEQ )

    The problem with Stanley Prison is that it’s empty.

    Constable Bragg needs a prisoner—for a day, or maybe two—just to show that he’s doing his job. He sends his half-witted jailer outside to find himself a criminal. There’s a boy that lives down by the docks, minding his own business, until the jailer cries, “Thief!” If a frightened boy takes a rowboat, does that make him a pirate?

    The jailer thinks it does.

    A real pirate would know better. A real pirate would go on a rampage as fast as he could, plotting to lay blame on the innocent boy. But what does that matter?

    There hasn’t been a pirate in a hundred years.

  6. Dear Bella the Orangutan,
    My name is Brynn Olenberg Sugarman, and I am the author of “Rebecca’s Journey Home,” an award-winning picture book about multicultural adoption published by Kar-Ben/Lerner.
    I have just written a time travel adventure novel for Middle Grade readers, “Midnight at the Taj Mahal.” The book is available on Amazon in both Kindle and paperback form. As the title indicates, the story takes place in India. The protagonists include Hailey and Zach, American twins traveling the world, and Sushil, their Indian friend. The book is the first in the “Out-of-School Adventures” series.
    The plot in the story is the stuff of pure fantasy, but the inclusion of actual people and events makes it equally a work of historical fiction. You can read more about the book on my website http://www.midnightatthetajmahal.com.
    I would love to send you a copy for review on your blog. Please let me know if you are interested, and if so, if you prefer an e-book or a paperback.
    Love the blog and especially the host!
    Thanks, Brynn
    P.S. There aren’t any orangutans in the story, but I assure you that there are other monkeys, as well as parrots, goats and cows!

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