Book Display: Halloween!

If you’ve been to the library any time in the past month, you’ve seen the Halloween display on our brand new shelves!  (They’re on the right as you come into the Youth Services area.)  If you want decorating ideas, costume ideas, information on Halloween, ghoulish recipes, haunted crafts, Halloween poetry, or picture books on Halloween…look no further!  Oh, and the Stories for an October night (in other words, fiction about zombies, vampires, ghouls and ghost) are on the display round right in front of the shelves.

Bella and Koko are all dressed up in their Halloween finery (Bella as a witch, Koko as a magician) and they’re sitting on top of ghost stories–real and imagined!

But what’s available depends on when you come in.  Halloween is popular year round, and it only gets more popular in October.  So, just in case you missed some of our favorites, here’s a Haunted Newsletter for you!

monthly newsletter Oct 13 Halloween

Happy Haunted Reading!


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