Summer Reading Celebration!

This is the last day of the Dig Into Reading 2013 Summer Reading Program.  It has been a fun summer, and everyone participating has done a great job with their reading!  In the Reading Program and Young Readers Program, 218 kids read 5,227 books and 66,225 minutes…or 1,103.75 hours!  That is quite a bit of dedicated reading!

If you participated in the Dig Into Reading Summer Reading Program for kids, please join us today to pick up your Summer Reading Certificate and choose your final Book Prize!  Have some ice cream and talk with your friends and fellow readers about your summer books!  Our drop in Celebration is from 4:00 to 7:00 for the Dig Into Reading summer participants.

This is the last week of the Open Craft Room, so if you’d like to come in and make a Summer Reading Flag, please do!  Our summer wouldn’t be complete without one final Summer Reading Newsletter, so here it is…Our Back to School edition:

13 newsletter week nine school  (…sorry, kids.)

Again, Congratulations to all our hard-working Dig Into Reading Summer Readers!  We hope you’ll join us next summer for Fizz, Boom, Read!




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