Booklist: Far Flung Adventures!

Far Flung Adventures

Exotic locales, wild animals and survival skills—whether these characters find themselves in a dangerous situation in the Himalayas or the Caribbean, here are a bunch of books you won’t want to miss!

* * *

 Corbalis, Judy.  The Ice Cream Heroes
While delivering an ice pick to his mountaineering mother in the Himalayas, Oskar and his friend Henrietta, a girl dressed in a gorillagram costume, meet a tribe of abominable snowmen and find themselves captives in a palace made of ice cream.

Creech, Sharon.  Bloomability
All her life, Dinnie’s been on the move with her family, each time getting into deeper trouble. Then, without warning, she is snatched by relatives and taken far away to the other side of the world. Dinnie arrives in Switzerland and becomes a pupil at an international boarding school high in the mountains. Separated from her family, she starts a new life that’s strange and frightening…beautiful and full of adventure.

 Curry, Jane Louise.  The Ice Ghosts Mystery
Perry, Mab, Oriole Bird and their mother fly to Austria in search of the kids’ father. Professor Bird has disappeared while investigating strange earth tremors. Villainous Dr. Pfnur is clearly up to no good, but surely he can’t be making earthquakes! And surely the giant creature…the reputed ice ghost–that Mab sees can’t be real. Can it?

Doyle, Bill.  Everest
On this epic climb up Mount Everest, readers are part of the youngest team ever to climb the world’s tallest peak. Only YOU can make the right choice about your own survival and then experience the consequences of those choices. Will you summit Mount Everest and return to base camp safely? Will you be forced to turn back earlyor worse? Only you can determine your own fate!

Easley, MaryAnn.  I Am the Ice Worm
Allison is traveling to visit her mother when her plane crashes near the Arctic Circle. The pilot is killed and Allison is alone in a wilderness of ice and snow. Thankfully she’s rescued by an I-upiat trapper who takes her to his village. Here she is the “ice worm,” the outsider, far removed from her life in Southern California. But as time passes, the villagers change Allison’s life, and she changes theirs as well.

 Exquisite Corpse Adventure
It all starts with a train rushing through the night. . . . Well, actually, it starts when author Jon Scieszka writes a cliff-hanger episode and passes it on to the next writer, who continues the story and passes it on. Think werewolves and mad scientists, a talking pig, plenty of explosions, a blue Star Wars lunchbox, two meatballs, a whole army of villains and varmints, and one just plain bad egg. Not to mention our heroes, twins Nancy and Joe, raised in a circus, who must find the pieces of a Top-Secret Robot in order to rescue their parents before . . . tick, tick, tick!

Hahn, Mary Downing. The Spanish Kidnapping Disaster
When Felix and her stepsister Amy got lost in the middle of Spain, the mysterious Grace came to their rescue. Grace not only helped them find the rest of the family, but volunteered to show Felix, Amy, and her brother castles and windmills. It’s not until they’re in Grace’s car bouncing down a dusty back road, that Felix realizes something is very wrong. Grace is not her friend…and they’re headed for the most dangerous and terrifying experience of their lives!

Houston, James.  Frozen Fire
The Canadian Arctic – a frozen land where bone-chilling winds and negative forty degree temperatures can last for days on end.  Matthew and Kayak are familiar with the territory, and they plan carefully before they set out on their secret snowmobile search – a search for Matthew’s missing father. But when the boys become stranded, every minute is a struggle for survival.

 Ihimaera, Witi.  Whale Rider
Kahu’s people claim descent from the legendary “whale rider” of the Maori in New Zealand. In every generation, a male heir has inherited the title of chief. But now the aging chief is desperate to find a successor. Kahu is his only great-grandchild, but tradition has no use for a girl. When hundreds of whales beach themselves and threaten the future of the tribe, it is Kahu who reveals that she has the ancient gift of communicating with whales.

Krishnaswami, Uma.  The Grand Plan to Fix Everything
Dini loves Bollywood movies. So she would have been really excited about her family’s move to India IF they were moving anywhere near the center of the Bollywood universe. But no, Dini’s stuck in a tiny village that she can’t even find on a map. But small villages can have surprises, and soon Dini is hard at work on a new life’s script in which she gets to meet her favorite star. However, real life is often more unpredictable than the movies, and when Dini starts plotting things get a little out of control….

Korman, Gordon.  The Island trilogy
Luke, J.J. Will, Lyssa, Charla, and Ian didn’t want to be on a boat in the first place, and they certainly didn’t want to be stuck at sea with a bunch of strangers. But when you’re in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, there’s no easy way out. When a terrifying storm hits, there’s no way to fully prepare; it’s all about survival.  Try Korman’s other survival trilogies in interesting locations: Dive, Everest and On the Run.

L’Engle, Madeleine.  Troubling a Star
Vicky Austin gets an incredible birthday gift from her aunt: a month-long trip to Antarctica. It’s the opportunity of a lifetime. But Vicky is nervous. She’s never been away from her family before. Once she sets off though, she finds that’s the least of her worries. She receives threatening letters. She’s surrounded by suspicious characters. Vicky no longer knows who to trust. And she may not make it home alive.

Levin, Mark.  The Family Hitchcock
Maddy and Benji are delighted to escape their usual vacation, until their father announces a house swap in Paris with the Vadims, a French family. But instead of a relaxing European vacation, it quickly becomes clear that something is very off about this house swap and the Vadims. When threatening characters start showing up, demanding a mysterious object, the Hitchcocks are caught in a whirl of intrigue… running for their lives through the streets and over the rooftops of Paris with no idea why!

London, C. Alexander  We Are Not Eaten by Yaks
Twins Oliver and Celia Navel live with their father, Dr. Navel. Their mother, Dr. Navel, has been missing for years. So when an explorer shows up with a clue as to where his wife could be, Dr. Navel drags Oliver and Celia to Tibet to find her. Once there, the twins fall out of airplanes, encounter Yetis, travel through waterfalls, and end up in the Demon Fortress of the Warrior King where they – just possibly – might find their mother and save their father.  Try the second Accidental Adventure too: We Dine with Cannibals.

Lord, Gabrielle.  Conspiracy 365 (series)
On New Year’s Eve, Cal is chased down the street by a crazed man with a deadly warning: They killed your father. They’ll kill you. You must survive the next 365 days! Forced into a life on the run, Cal finds himself hunted by ruthless criminals and the police. Somehow he must uncover the truth about his father’s mysterious death and solve the Ormond Singularity, a secret from the past, before the year is up. But who can he turn to when the whole world seems to want him dead? The clock is ticking and any second could be his last…

Lowry, Lois.  The Willoughbys
The Willoughby’s are old-fashioned children who adore old-fashioned adventures. Little do the Willoughby kids know that their neglectful mother and father are hatching an evil plan to get rid of them! Not to worry—these resourceful adventurers have a few plans of their own. But they have no idea what lies ahead in their quest to rid themselves of their ghastly parents and live happily ever after.

Meehan, Kierin.  Hannah’s Winter
Hannah would much rather be back in Australia, starting school with her friends. But Japan turns out to be nothing like she’d imagined, and when Hannah and her new friend Miki find an ancient message in the stationery shop, they are drawn into solving a mysterious riddle. Why do the beans go berserk during the bean-throwing festival? Who is the evil-eyed woman at Sarumaru Shrine? Why is Hannah attacked by flying donuts? And is the ocean boy really trying to tell her something?

Mikaelsen, Ben.  Red Midnight
Santiago and his little sister escape soldiers destroying their village, running for their lives. The only way they can be truly safe is to leave Guatemala behind forever. So Santiago and Angelina set sail in a kayak built by their uncle. Sailing through channels guarded by soldiers, shark-infested waters, and days of painful heat and raging storms, they face an almost impossible voyage hundreds of miles across the open ocean, heading for the hope of a new life in the United States.

Neale, Jonathan.  Lost at Sea
Orrie and Jack don’t know much about sailing, but they’re on a yacht, with their little brother, their mother, and her new boyfriend, Skip, sailing across the Atlantic ocean. Then Skip falls overboard. Something is wrong with their mother; she won’t leave her cabin. Orrie and Jack are used to taking care of her, but now it is up to them to navigate the thirty-six-foot boat to Antigua safely.  Also try the family’s second adventure: Himalaya.

Newsome, Richard.  The Billionaire’s Curse and The Emerald Casket
Gerald, Ruby, and Sam come upon research  indicating that Gerald’s family has been protecting a secret concerning the fate of the world, and they’re off to India to try to find out the truth. Friendships will be forged and broken. A city buried under the sea will be rediscovered. A whole mess of pigeons will be involved. And Gerald is going to have to make a choice between his love for his friends and the darkest desires of his heart.

Powell, Pamela.  The Turtle Watchers
Sisters Esther, Philomena, and Amelia observe a sea turtle laying her eggs. Because the eggs are considered a local delicacy, they decide to protect the nest from danger until the time of hatching. When the girls learn about the profitable black market for tortoise shell and stage a protest. Will they be able to witness the successful hatching of the eggs and escort the baby turtles toward the sea and safety?

Prager, Ellen.  Adventure on Dolphin Island
A vacation turns into a horrible nightmare when Kelly is swept off a boat in the Bermuda Triangle. Alone in the wild sea, she struggles for survival and fight her fears of the ocean and its creatures. When a dolphin appears, it brings Kelly to a mysterious tropical island, where she encounters stingrays, sea turtles, iguanas, giant tortoise, the fish of a coral reef, and more.. If she survives, the adventure will change Kelly’s life forever.

Reiche, Dietlof.  Ghost Ship
Vicki plans to spend her vacation waitressing in her father’s seaside restaurant. But when the bay goes dry and a 1772 sailing ship appears, Vicki’s course is reset. Where the greedy mayor sees dollar signs, and a nosy reporter sees something fishy, Vicki sees ghosts. Determined to discover the truth and to uncover old family secrets, Vicki and her new best friend Peter venture into the ocean deep to face the unimaginable.

Robbins, Ken.  Thumb and the Bad Guys
Thumb really wants to track down a bad guy. But with only 143 people in his remote British Columbia fishing village, could there even be any bad guys around? Where would they hide? Thumb and his pal Susan conduct a stakeout. Their suspicions focus on bald, toothless old Kirk McKenna, who has the revolting habit of spitting on the sidewalk. Meanwhile, the odd Ms. Weatherby, has arrived in town wearing heavy makeup and a terrible wig. Will the determined duo find their villain?

St. John, Lauren.  The White Giraffe
When Martine’s parents are killed, she goes to live on an African wildlife reserve with a grandmother she never even knew she had. Once there, she hears tales of a mythical white giraffe there. Her grandmother insists that the white giraffe is just a legend, but one stormy night, Martine looks out her bedroom window straight into the eyes of the tall silvery animal. Could it be just Martine’s imagination, or is the white giraffe real? And if so, why is everyone keeping its existence a secret?

Smith, Roland.  Thunder Cave
Determined, after his mother’s accidental death, to foil his stepfather’s plans for his future, Jacob travels alone to Africa in search of his father, a biologist studying elephants in a remote area of Kenya. While crossing the Kenyan bush, Jacob meets Supeet, a young Masai on a quest to end the drought, and the two join forces. On their trek they encounter a many dangers, including a ring of poachers, whose greed threatens Africa’s wildlife with extinction.

Starke, Ruth.  Noodle Pie
It’s Andy’s first trip on an airplane when he and his dad travel to Vietnam to meet all his relatives. Talk about culture shock! Everyone calls him by his Vietnamese name instead of Andy and he is stunned to discover the family restaurant is nothing like what he expected. Somehow though, Andy helps his Vietnamese family and his dad come to see things in a new way.

Stead, Rebecca.  First Light
Peter is thrilled to join his parents on an expedition to Greenland, where his father studies global warming. Peter will get to skip school, drive a dogsled, and–finally–share in his dad’s adventures. But on the ice cap, Peter struggles to understand a series of visions that both frighten and entice him. Nearby, Thea has never seen the sun. Her extraordinary people, suspected of witchcraft and nearly driven to extinction, have retreated to a secret world they’ve built deep inside the arctic ice. As Thea dreams of a path to Earth’s surface, Peter’s search for answers brings him ever closer to her hidden home.

Trueman, Terry.  Hurricane
Outside, the wind is a howling monster shrieking to get inside. Outside, everything is destroyed…  After hours of cowering in the dark with no lights, no warmth, and the terrible noises of the rain and wind pounding on the walls, José walks out his front door and steps into a nightmare. But his nightmare has only begun as he and the few who are left in his small village start to pull their lives back together.

Walters, Eric.  Northern Exposures
Kevin has just won a photography contest he doesn’t even remember entering.  The prize is a five-day trip to Manitoba, to photograph polar bears with a renowned wildlife photographer. It sounds pretty good though-it’s a chance for Kevin to escape his controlling parents and school. Of course, Kevin doesn’t count on losing his luggage, or becoming the youngest member of a seniors’ eco-tour, or finding himself sprinting across the tundra with a large, hungry polar bear behind him…

Yahalem, Eve. Escape Under the Forever Sky
Lucy Hoffman’s mom is the U.S. ambassador to Ethiopia, but her overprotective mother won’t let her out of the house, which means no game drives or hanging out with her friends. Frustrated and resentful, Lucy and a friend sneak out of the house and head into the city, where  Lucy is kidnapped and held for ransom. Isolated and without shoes, Lucy plans an escape using her knowledge of the African wilderness.

 * * *

Enjoy traveling the world–and surviving the experience–by book!



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