Old Favorites: The Best School Year Ever

With school starting, this is the perfect time to talk about one of my favorite books by one of my favorite authors. Not only is it a great read, but it’s a great read aloud for all ages. So hey, if you think YOUR school is bad, just read about what the kids at Woodrow Wilson School have to deal with in The Worst Best School Year Ever, by Barbara Robinson.

* * *

Beth and her brother Charlie have always had to deal with the horrible Herdmans. Not only is there a Herdman in every grade of the Woodrow Wilson School, but there’s one in every kid’s class. Beth has Imogene and Charlie has Claude.  Every September, when school starts, the teachers try to do SOMETHING to control the Herdmans, but every year, they cause chaos. They lie, they cheat, they set fire to things, they come to school only when the want and refuse to learn anything when they’re there. They even smoke cigars! They’re the original outlaw family of the town.

When Beth’s teacher comes up with an idea of a year-long project, most of the kids hate the idea. When they find out that they’ll be studying each other, it seems…kind of interesting. Compliments for Classmates. What could be easier? All they have to do is find something nice to say about each person in their classroom.

But Beth is stumped thinking about some of the kids in her class, and it’s even worse when she thinks about Imogene Herdman.  What kind of compliment can she write about a girl in a family that paints bald babies, causes a school-wide desertion of  a school bus and starts a fire on fire prevention day? But when Beth looks a little closer, and thinks about things, she sees that maybe Imogene has a side to her that no one has really noticed before…

* * *

This is a great book to read aloud to kids of all ages. It has a slightly old-fashioned feel, even though it was written in 1994.  The author has recieved several awards for her first story about the Herdman family, The Best Christmas Pageant Ever.

If you want a book that will make you laugh while you’re thinking, The Best School Year Ever is for you.  If you give it a chance, the dry humor will sneak up on you, just like the Herdmans. You may even go looking for the companion books:  The Best Halloween Ever and The Best Christmas Pageant Ever. I just with there were a dozen more books about the Herdmans!



2 thoughts on “Old Favorites: The Best School Year Ever

  1. i think this is a good thing for the bast and to the kids and a thraning and the best part is that we get to luern more and we can be help by kids and suv kids and it so parts or funny but some time they put there mind into it and they sove prols and they all was stick togethe rand they never hert each they hope to be good and in the end the have a good time they do a lot of thinkig:0

    • i would like you know this is a good book and that my kids at school love this book and they also love the hadmams jokes in cherter in this and they love the new book that is comeing out in 1213 and they weant everone what to read it and reply it back and you can tell you techer that mrs.j siad that there is a oder come to ever school in the wlord and the new book is olny for 5th and 4th so the new book take one to two week long and they are free so do wewey !!!!!!!!!:)

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