Teens: Mythology

Did you enjoy Rick Riordan’s Percy Jackson and the Olympians series?  Here are some other reads about different types of mythology.  Find all of the following books in the Young Adult section of the Library.

Singer to the Sea God by Vivien Alcock: Greek Mythology

When he and his companions flee their island home after the king’s court is turned to stone, Phaidon begins to believe in the gods and monsters that his uncle has always scorned.

Psyche in a Dress by Francesca Lia Block: Greek Mythology

A young woman, Psyche, searches for her lost love and questions her true self in a modern retelling of Greek myths

The Unnameables by Ellen Booraem: Greek Mythology

On an island in whose strict society only useful objects are named and the unnamed are ignored or forbidden, thirteen-year-old Medford encounters an unusual and powerful creature, half-man, half-goat, and together they attempt to bring some changes to the community.

Nightsong: The Legend of Orpheus and Eurydice by Michael Cadnum: Greek Mythology

Expands on the myth of Orpheus, a young poet and musician who undertakes a terrifying journey to ask the rulers of the Underworld to return the princess Euridice, his beloved bride, after she is killed by a venomous serpent.

Starfall: Phaeton and the Chariot of the Sun by Michael Cadnum: Greek Mythology

Expands on the myth of Phaeton, a young man who undertakes a long and dangerous journey to the gates of dawn to confront the mighty god of the sun, Apollo, and is granted one wish–to drive the chariot of the sun for a day.

Goddess Boot Camp by Tera Lynn Childs: Greek Mythology

When she is unable to control her inherited powers, Phoebe must attend summer camp with a group of ten-year-olds, while coping with her boyfriend’s apparent betrayal and mysterious messages about her deceased father.

Goddess of Yesterday by Caroline B. Cooney: Greek Mythology

Taken from her home on an Aegean island as a six-year-old girl, Anaxndra calls on the protection of her goddess while she poses as two different princesses over the next six years, before ending up as a servant in the company of Helen and Paris as they make their way to Troy.

Dingo by Charles De Lint: Aboriginal Austrailian Mythology

Seventeen-year-old Miguel Schreiber and a long-term enemy are drawn into a strange dream world when they fall in love with shapeshifting sisters from Australia–twins hiding from a cursed ancestor who can only be freed with the girls’ cooperation.

Nobody’s Princess by Esther Friesner: Greek Mythology

Determined to fend for herself in a world where only men have real freedom, headstrong Helen, who will be called queen of Sparta and Helen of Troy one day, learns to fight, hunt, and ride horses while disguised as a boy, and goes on an adventure throughout the Mediterranean world.

Nobody’s Prize by Esther Friesner: Greek Mythology

Still longing for adventure, Princess Helen of Sparta maintains her disguise as a boy to join her unsuspecting brothers as part of the crew of the Argo, the ship commanded by Prince Jason in his quest for the Golden Fleece.

Troy by Adèle Geras: Greek Mythology

The classic struggle between Greece and Troy brought to life by a panoramic chorus of voices both humble and high, human and divine.  The siege of Troy has lasted almost ten years. Inside the walled city, food is becoming scarce and the death toll is rising. From the heights of Mount Olympus, the Gods keep watch.  But Aphrodite, Goddess of Love, is bored with the endless, dreary war, and so she turns her attention to two sisters: Marpessa, who is gifted with God-sight and serves as handmaiden to Helen, the most beautiful woman in the world; and Xanthe, who is kind and loving and tends the wounded soldiers in the Blood Room. When Eros fits an arrow to his silver-lit bow and lets it fly, neither sister will escape its power.

Ithaka by Adèle Geras: Greek Mythology

The island of Ithaka is overrun with uncouth suitors demanding that Penelope choose a new husband, as she patiently awaits the return of Odysseus from the Trojan War.

Runemarks by Joanne Harris: Norse Mythology

Maddy Smith, who bears the mysterious mark of a rune on her hand, learns that she is destined to join the gods of Norse mythology and play a role in the fate of the world.

Guardian of the Dead by Karen Healey: Maori Mythology

Eighteen-year-old New Zealand boarding school student Ellie Spencer must use her rusty tae kwon do skills and new-found magic to try to stop a fairy-like race of creatures from Maori myth and legend that is plotting to kill millions of humans in order to regain their lost immortality.

The Odyssey by Gareth Hinds (Graphic Novel): Greek Mythology

Retells, in graphic novel format, Homer’s epic tale of Odysseus, the ancient Greek hero who encounters witches and other obstacles on his journey home after fighting in the Trojan War.

Captivate by Carrie Jones: Norse Mythology

High school junior Zara and her friends continue to try to contain the pixies that threaten their small Maine town, but when a Valkyrie takes Zara’s boyfriend, Nick, to Valhalla, the only way to save him is to trust a pixie king, Astley.

Cupid: A Tale of Love and Desire by Julius Lester: General Mythology

Cupid, the spoiled and mischievous god of love, is attracted to and marries the beautiful mortal, Psyche, and both learn many lessons about the nature of love.

The Night Tourist by Katherine Marsh: Greek Mythology

After fourteen-year-old classics prodigy Jack Perdu has a near fatal accident he meets Euri, a young ghost who introduces him to New York’s Underworld, where those who died in New York reside until they are ready to move on, and Jack vows to find his dead mother there.

Fire Opal by Regina McBridge: Celtic Mythology

While invading English soldiers do battle in sixteenth-century Ireland, Maeve grows up with a mystical connection to a queen who, centuries before, faced enemies of her own.

Pegasus by Robin McKinley: Greek Mythology

Because of a thousand-year-old alliance between humans and pegasi, Princess Sylvi is ceremonially bound to Ebon, her own pegasus, on her twelfth birthday, but the closeness of their bond becomes a threat to the status quo and possibly to the safety of their two nations

Aphrodite’s Blessings: Love Stories From the Greek Myths by Clemence McLaren: Greek Mythology

Atalanta, Andromeda, and Psyche, three female characters in Greek mythology, tell the stories of their marriages. Includes information on love and marriage in ancient Greece.

Inside the Walls of Troy: A Novel of the Women Who Lived the Trojan War by Clemence McLaren: Greek Mythology

Two women, one war.  Helen, at age twelve, is not prepared to deal with her famous beauty: to have the face that will launch a thousand ships, kill fifty thousand men, and cause the fall of the world’s greatest city.  But when she is kidnapped by Theseus of Athens, she begins her journey into womanhood and finds passion strong enough to start the Trojan War.  Cassandra has the gift, or curse, to predict the future. When she forsees the ruin of her family and city that Helen’s arrival in Troy will cause, she is outraged.  Yet she cannot help being drawn to Helen.  As the war rages around them, Helen, the woman who started the conflict, and Cassandra, the one who foresaw it, develop a deep friendship. And through their eyes we see the Trojan War in a fascinating new way.

The Stone Light by Kai Meyer: Egyptian Mythology

While Merle and the Flowing Queen travel to Hell to enlist Lord Light’s help in Venice’s fight against the invading Egyptian army, Serafin joins a resistance group that is led by an ancient sphinx.

Sirena by Donna Jo Napoli: Greek Mythology

The gods grant immortality to the mermaid Sirena when she rescues a human man from the sea and they fall in love, but his mortality creates great conflict between love and honor when he is called to defend Greece in the Trojan War.

Quicksilver by Stephanie Spinner: Greek Mythology

Hermes, Prince of Thieves and son of Zeus, relates why the seasonal change, the history of the Trojan War, his friendship with Pegasus, and many more adventures.

The Moon Riders by Theresa Tomlinson: Greek Mythology

When thirteen-year-old Myrina of the Mazagardi tribe joins the Moon Riders, a revered band of warrior women, she becomes caught up in the life of the Trojan princess Cassandra and the epic, ten-year Trojan War.

Voyage of the Snake Lady by Theresa Tomlinson: Greek Mythology

After living peacefully for some time following the Trojan War, the Moon Riders, a fierce tribe of women warriors, are driven from their home by Neoptolomus, the avenging son of Achilles, and must fight for their lives to survive storms, shipwreck, and strife.

Radiant Darkness by Emily Whitman: Greek Mythology

Persephone runs off to the Underworld with Hades, with whom she has fallen in love, but when her mother Demeter threatens to destroy the earth to save her, Persephone finds a way to come back once a year, bringing spring.


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