Booklist: Contests of ALL Kinds!

The final Booklist on Contests…this one encompasses everything from sports to  stinky sneakers to babysitting, between friends, enemies and siblings.   If there’s any kind of competition kids can wage, you can be sure that some author, somwhere has written about it!  So check out the books we found, and see if any of these contests strike your reading fancy.

* * *

Other Contests for Kids:

Behrens, Andy.  The Fast and the Furriest
Meet Kevin Pugh, couch potato. Now meet Cromwell, his part beagle, part potato chip dog. Kevin’s looking forward to spending his summer doing as little as possible; unfortunately, Kevin’s father feels differently. When Cromwell suddenly and mysteriously develops a fascination with agility competitions, Kevin decides dog training will work. But dog agility lessons do not constitute a sport in his father’s mind, so football camp it is. Soon Kevin’s found a way for he and Cromwell to take classes, and the upstart Team Cromwell is born.

Bunting, Eve. Nasty, Stinky Sneakers
Colin has spent weeks perfecting his sneaker odor for the Stinkiest Sneakers in the World contest.  But now, after weeks of working toward stinky perfection — not washing his feet, wearing no socks, jogging to get his feet juicy, and even sleeping with his sneakers on — the nasty, stinky sneakers are missing! Will Colin find his missing stinky sneakers in time?

Duble, Kathleen. Bravo Zulu, Samantha!
Bitterly resentful when she’s forced to spend time with her mom’s parents,  Samantha becomes intrigued when her grandfather disappears into the woods for long stretches at a time. Samantha senses that he is up to something. Suspense builds as she follows him; then she must decide whether to snitch on his secret project or help him with it––if he will let her.

Feldman, Jody. The Gollywhopper Games
Gil Goodson’s future happiness depends on winning the Golly Toy & Game Company’s ultimate competition.  Inside the toy company’s fantastic headquarters, Gil will have to master trivia, solve puzzles, and complete physical stunts—and he’ll have to do it better than all of the other kids competing. And every step—and every mistake—will be broadcast on national television…

Griffiths, Andy. Mascot Madness!
Henry McThrottle thought Northwest Southeast Central School was wacky, but when they have a field-dayface-off against  Northwest West Academy, he finds out he was wrong! When  mascot madness (Banana vs. Pitbull)  takes over during the annual Sports Carnival competition, things get REALLY out of control.

Houts, Michelle. The Beef Princess of Practical County
Libby is filled with excitement as she and her granddad pick out two calves for her to raise in hopes of winning the annual steer competition. Against advice, Libby gives the calves names. After a few months of preparing for the Practical County Fair, Libby finds that she is growing closer to her steers with each passing day, and the pressure to win Grand Champion is mounting. But once reality sets in and she realizes that her steers will soon be sold to the highest bidder, even the help of her best friend can’t solve all her problems…

Jones, Diana. Witch’s Business
Jess and Frank’s father has stopped their allowances for four whole months!  To earn some money, the kids start a business, Own Back, Ltd. It specializes in revenge, which every kid needs to seek at some time, they figure.  Lots of clients show up. But Jess and Frank soon discover that the revenge business can be pretty complicated, especially when it turns out that there’s another one in town — owned by Biddy Iremonger, the fiercely competitive local witch!

Korman, Gordon. Maxx Comedy: The Funniest Kid in America
Ever since he was little, Max Carmody has been trying to make people laugh. So when he sees a poster announcing a contest to find “The Funniest Kid in America,” he knows that he has finally found his destiny. In what becomes a comedy of errors,  Max sets out to create the video that will gain him entry into the contest and national fame–but it isn’t quite as easy as he thought it would be!

Korman, Gordon. The Toilet Paper Tigers
When a motley crew of Little League baseball players acquires another new coach, it looks like the start of another deadbeat season. Things look up when their coach’s fast-talking granddaughter breezes into town and proceeds to pummel the team into shape. Whether it is a seaweed diet or a wild publicity scheme to end an older brother’s bully tactics, Kristy finds a way to conquer each player’s weakness and turns the former losers into champs.

Lupica, Mike. Million-Dollar Throw
Nate’s idol is  Tom Brady, New England’s best quaterback. A quarterback himself, now Nate has a chance to win a million dollars by throwing one pass through a target at halftime in the Patriot’s Thanksgiving night game. More than anything, Nate’s family needs the money. But the worry is affecting his playing for his own football team. Suddenly the boy with the golden arm is having trouble completing a pass . . . but can he make the one that really counts?

Maguire, Gregory. Five Alien Elves
On the night before Christmas,  a UFO bearing five aliens is on a mission: to free this planet from its evil dictator, a fat man in a red suit and a long white beard. Disguised as Earthlings–well, elves–they capture Mayor Glass, volunteer Santa. It’s up to Miss Earth’s students, the Tattletales (the girls) and the Copycats (the boys), to set aside their differences and concoct a rescue scheme!

McCoy, Mimi. The Babysitting Wars
Ever since she started her business, Kaitlyn has been the top babysitter in Marshfield Lake…until super-sitter Nola moves to town and starts stealing Kaitlyn’s clients away. Now this isn’t just babysitting, it’s war! The Ultimate Babysitting Gig, at the house of the richest family in town, is at stake. Just how far will Kaitlyn go to defend her turf?

Messner, Kate. Sugar and Ice
For Claire, life is all about skating on the frozen cow pond and in the annual Maple Show right before the big pancake breakfast on her family’s farm. That changes when a skating coach offers Claire a scholarship to train with the elite in Lake Placid. Tossed into a world of mean girls on ice, where competition is everything, Claire realizes that her sweet dream come true has sharper edges than she could have imagined. Can she find the strength to stand up to the people who want to see her fail and the courage to decide which dream she wants to follow?

McDonald, Megan. The Rule of Three
Sisters Alex and  Stevie  are auditioning for the same part in the school musical. Alex has always been The Actor in the Reel family, while  Stevie has always been content behind the scenes. But when the school play turns out to be a musical, Stevie decides that for once, she’d like to be in the spotlight! Soon the dueling divas—with little sister Joey egging them on—are in a fierce competition to see who has what it takes to play the Princess. Has Stevie broken the rules by going for what she wants, or will it be Alex who hands down the biggest betrayal of all?

Naylor, Phyllis Reynolds. The Boys Start the War / The Girls Get Even
Just when the Hatford brothers were expecting three boys to move into the house across the river, the Malloys arrive instead. Wally and his brothers decide to make Caroline and her sisters so miserable that they’ll want to go back to Ohio, but they haven’t counted on the ingenuity of the girls. From dead fish to dead bodies, floating cakes to floating heads, the pranks and tricks continue. Will the Malloys leave West Virginia? Trust the four Hatford boys and the three Malloy girls to do anything to get one up on each other in this fun-filled war of the wits.

Paratore, Coleen. Mack McGinn’s Big Win
Mack McGinn comes from a long line of winners, and now that Mack is growing, he’s running faster and getting stronger.  If he can just steer clear of creepy Pope Banker next door, convince his mom that his best friend is a good kid, keep his concentration on the track, and manage not to strangle his brother before Danville Day, he might make his family prouder than any athlete ever dreamed possible.

Park, Barbara. Almost Starring Skinnybones
Alex, aka Skinnybones, wins a prize in a cat food competition, and is about to  star in their TV commercial. Alex is signing autographs in preparation for his newfound celebrity, but things don’t work out the way he hoped. Onscreen, he plays a six-year-old running away from home–quite an insult for a kid who’s twelve!  There’s another chance at fame, though if he can win a role in a local production. Will Alex succeed?

Wallace, Rich. Sports Camp
Riley is definitely the smallest kid at sports camp.  It’s hard enough for a shrimp to fit in; he doesn’t want to be the weak link as his bunk competes for the Camp Olympia Trophy. But when it comes to speed and endurance events, like running and swimming, Riley’s good. He’s pretty sure he can place in the top ten—and bring in major trophy points—in the final mile-long swim race across Lake Surprise. But he doesn’t count on being followed by a giant vicious snapping turtle!  Wasn’t that supposed to be a camp legend?

Whittlinger, Ellen. This Means War!
October 1962. Juliet’s world is turning upside down. All she hears from her parents and teachers and on the news is the Russian threat and the Cuban Missile Crisis.  Things aren’t much better at home; her best friend would rather hang out with boys instead of her. When a new girl moves in, things are looking up. Patsy is fearless, and she challenges the neighborhood boys to see who’s better, stronger faster: a war between the boys and the girls.  As the challenges become more and more dangerous, Juliet has to decide what she stands for–and what’s worth fighting for.

* * *

So there you have it…contests and competition!  Some are funny, some are serious, some are both!  Try one, and see what you think. And if you have any additions, let us know!


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