New Books: More starting school titles!

With school starting just around the corner, here are some brand new titles to share with your kindergartner or first grader before that first day of school.

* * *

Kindergaten Day, USA and China
by Trish Marx and Ellen B. Senisi

Find out what happens in a kindergarten class each hour. In the USA, 9:00 means it’s time to start the day!  At 11:00, it’s time for ABCs and spelling, and 12:00 is lunchtime.  Once you finish learning what American kindergartners do, flip the book over and find out that at 9:00, kindergartners in China are also starting their day, followed by fairy tales and Chinese characters at 10:00, and lunch at 11:00.  A fun picture of two classrooms a world apart. The breakdown of time is nice too.

* * *

Eliza’s Kindergarten Pet
by Alice B. McGinty, illustrated by Nancy Speir

This one doesn’t start on the first day of school, but instead on the first day Miss Summer brings in something new to share with the class: a guinea pig named Cookie. Eliza doesn’t like wiggly, toothy cookies, and vows to stay on the opposite side of the room. As the other kids enjoy their Cookie Keeper days, Eliza watches doubtfully.  But when Cookie escapes, it’s Eliza to the rescue!  A charming story about how something initially a little frightening can become loved.

* * *

First Grade Jitters
by Robert Quackenbush, illustrated by Yan Nascimbene

Aidan has the first grade jitters! What if he can’t understand his teacher? What if his friends aren’t there? What if, what if, what if?  Originally published in 1982 and newly illustrated for 2010, this is a reassuring look at how to avoid those pesky first day jitters.

* * *

A Pirate’s Guide to First Grade
by James Preller, illustrated by Greg Ruth

Argh! Well shiver me timbers, it’s time for the first day of school! Grab yer salty crew of  swabby mates and board the landlubber’s jolly ship for a day full of swashbuckling adventures!  Especially fun for pirate fans.

* * *

Dear Teacher
by Amy Husband

When Michael gets a letter before the first day of school from his new principal, telling him about his new teacher, Miss Brooks, he’s not all that enthusiastic.  So he sends his teacher back a letter telling her that he’s been recruited by the Secret Service for an undercover mission, and may not make it to school on time.  Michael’s daily letters get more and more wild as he travels through the Sahara, Mount Everest and to the moon. Miss Brooks letter back though, is intriguing enough to tempt him back to school. The last page is a postcard from Michael to his parents, telling them what he’s doing at school.  Fun and imaginative, this is probably more for older kids.

* * *

So if you have anyone at your house who might be a little nervous about starting school, try one of these books. They’re fun, and sure to at least start a discussion of what else might happen on the first (and second, and third) day of school.



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