It’s August! (and some kid reviews)

Wow. We can’t believe it’s August already, and the summer is more than halfway through. It’s week SIX on the summer reading program, which means there are only three weeks left to enter summer reading books. Yikes! If you’re reading with us, don’t forget that everything has to be entered in your Reading Folder by midnight on August 22nd!

Our summer readers this year are doing an amazing job with their reviews.  Our staff loves reading them to see what kids think of books, and we hope that other kids are getting some good reading ideas looking through their friends’ reviews.  If you’d like to see what everyone is reading, go to our Summer Reading Webpage!

In the meantime, here are a handful of our favorite reviews (one for each grade!):

* * *

Frog and Toad All Year, by Arnold Lobel
I liked this boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooook.  That’s it.

Review by EA, entering grade 1

* * *

Geronimo Stilton in Mighty Mount Kilimanjaro, by Elisabetta Dami
This is an awesome book and I would love to give it a rating of 20! Geromino and his friend Bruce go to Mount Kilimanjaro.  They climb the mountain and see four parts along the way: the rain forest, the moors, the volcanic rock and the snow.  They climb to the top.  Benjamin is so proud of his uncle Geronimo.

Review by EK, entering grade 2

* * *

The Reluctant Pitcher, by Matt Christopher
Coach Hutter wanted Wally to be a pitcher, but Wally said he’s not a pitcher. When he pitches, his batting is in a slump, but when he plays his normal right field position, he bats .323.  Two girls are in a rock quarry and there is dynamite about to explode. Will Wally be able to save them?  I loved the book. It’s not just about baseball, so you can hate baseball and still love it.

Review by NU, entering grade 3

* * *

Sign of the Beaver, by Elizabeth George Speare
I thought this was a good book because it tells the story of a true friendship.  An Indian boy named Attean want to learn to read.  A white boy named Matt needs hunting practice.  They make a bargain that is Matt taught Attean how to read, Attean would make him a better hunter.  They practiced everyday until they were both really good.  I loved this book.  I would read it one million times!

Review by AT, entering grade 4

* * *

The Queen’s Nose, by Dick King Smith
“Wishes can get you in big trouble- especially if they come true” Quote from The Queen’s Nose by Dick King-Smith. And it’s true. Harmony Parker loves animals. She loves them so much, she names humans after them. She is a Siamese Cat, Her Father is a Sea Lion, her Mother is a Pouter Pigeon, and her Uncle Ginger is a Silvertip Grizzly. Her Uncle grants each family member a humble present. He gives one to Melody last. The treasure hunt to her present leads her to the old, abandoned henhouse, her place to go and be quiet. She finds an envelope, consisting of a special prize and a riddle-
“You and I do share a year
You will want to keep me near
Six times more when once you’ve started
Let us therefore not be parted
Do not spend and do not lend
Change me not to please a friend
Nine that sharke are two too many
Six will never grant you any
Royal not Roman Straight not Snub
That’s the Point and that’s the rub.”

Melody finds that this riddle has a special connection to her small present… and her small present, supposedly worth 50 pence, but from the looks of things it doesn’t seem so.
The Queen’s Nose by Dick King-Smith is one of my all-time favorite books, and I believe it will be one of yours, too.
I strongly suggest to readers of all ages.

Review by CO, entering grade 5

* * *

The Chocolate Connoisseur, by Chloe Doutre-Roussel
There are lot of really boring books written about chocolate, but this book was not one of them. I liked it because it explained the history of chocolate without going off-topic. It also explains that there are many flavors in chocolate which are commonly smothered with excess sugar and vanillin. I thought this book was really fascinating, and it gave me a new perspective on candy. I also thought it was cool that it was written by a professional chocolate buyer, so the author really knew what she was talking abut. I was pleasantly surprised, and I’m really glad I read it.

Review by AM, entering grade 6

* * *

Check out our other kids reviews. We’re sure you’ll enjoy them. We sure do!


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