NEW Kindergarten Books!

Do you have a child getting ready for that first big step in the school process…kindergarten?  Have we got some books for you!

This week, there were three new books released about going to kindergarten.  If you have  a nervous kindergarten student, check out one of these books and see if  it makes them smile.

* * *

Is Your Buffalo Ready for Kindergarten?
by Audrey Vernick, illustrated by Daniel Jennewein

If your buffalo has a backpack, then he’s definitely ready!  Even if he’s shy, or is afraid of scissors or likes to get messy in art. Everyone is special in his or her own way.

This book is funny and comforting at the same time. Even if Buffalo doesn’t quite do everything the way everyone else does, he’s still having fun.  Try this book with any child who might need a little reassurance about their first day of school.

* * *

Kindergarten Diary
by Antoinette Portis

Annalina is a little afraid about going to kindergarten; she liked preschool! As she lists of some of the things she’s worried about, she finds out that they’re very different from what she imagined. Ms. Duffy isn’t a scary monster, she’s very nice, and her nickname was Dot when she was little!  Annalina discovers that new friends and a little imagination make kindergarten fun!

Annalina’s diary runs from the first day of school to the last day of September, when there’s just too many fun things to do to continue it.

The illustrations in this book are just as much fun for parents as for kids. I love the page where Annalina learns to spell her name, and decides that she’ll be just “Anna” for awhile.  Longer, with more explorations of what might happen in kindergarten, this book is great for parents and children to share their expectations about the first few weeks of school.

* * *

The Pirate of Kindergarten
by George Ella Lyon, illustrated by Lynne Avril

Ginny loves kindergarten, but as the story progresses, the reader can see that Ginny doesn’t see things in quite the same way as her classmates. When vision screening day comes, Ginny and the nurse find out that she has double vision. A visit to the doctor has Ginny coming back to school with an eye patch–the only kindergarten pirate in her class!

More of an issue-driven picture book, this still has a lot of fun with the things that happen in a kindergarten classroom.  Ginny still loves school, even if her experience is a little more difficult than other children.  And, in the end, Ginny relishes both being different and going to kindergarten.

* * *

Now, all three of these books feature girls, but I know I ordered a couple new books this fall about boys in kindergarten.  Look for an update when those arrive.



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