Guest Reviews

Enjoy these fun reviews from some of our summer student workers!

Author: Jackie French Koller
Illustrator: Judith Mitchell

Darek finds a Dragonling whose momma was killed.  Darek takes care of the baby dragon and names it Zantor.  They become friends and Darek needs to take Zantor back to the dragons.  Darek is scared; he knows the other dragons won’t like him.  Zantor is getting big and can light fires.  He is getting too big and very tall.  Zantor needs to be with other dragons.

I think you would like this book if you like fantasy and dragons.  There are a few good illustrations.  The story has suspense and a good ending.  It is a good book for second and third graders. I really enjoyed this book.

Review by Paul

* * *

Nate the Great
Author: Margorie Weinman Sharmat
Illustrator:  Marc Simont

Nate the great is a detective.  Nate is asked by his friend Annie to help her find her lost picture.  Annie needs help to find the picture of her dog named Fang.  Nate looked in Annie’s room.  Nate searched the room under the desk and under the bed and could not find the picture. Nate will keep on looking for the missing picture. He will search till he solves the case.

I think Nate the Great is a good detective book and he likes pancakes for breakfast.  Nate the Great is a funny book and is a great book for first and second graders to read.

Review by Mooneyka

* * *

The Black Book of Colors
Author: Menena Cotti, translated by Elisa Amado
Illustrated by: Rosana Faria

The main character is Thomas. He’s blind. Thomas uses his other senses to understand the different colors. The book has words that are in Braille and the pictures are textured. I thought that this book was great because there were textured pictures. There’s not a lot of books that have textured pictures so that’s what makes this book special. I would prefer that the book be printed with Braille that was raised a bit more so that the book is easier for people that use Braille to read it.

Review by Pam

* * *

Cam Jansen and the Mystery Of The U.F.O.
By David A. Adler

Cam Jamsen is a girl in elementary school who likes adventures and likes to figure out mysteries.  Cam helps her friend Eric enter a photography contest.  She sees an object that is a U.F.O. – an unidentified flying object!  They are surprised, and even a little scared.  Will Eric and Cam get to take a picture of this strange object? What will happen?  I would recommend this story to a child who enjoys mystery stories.

Review by Pam

* * *

We hope you enjoyed these guest reviews! As always, if you would like any suggestions on finding a great book for your child, please ask one of our librarians for help!


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