New Books I’m eager to read!

It’s spring, and April, and in the world of Children’s Literature, that generally means a LOT of new books.  And GOOD new books, this year!  We just added a full cart to our collection…look at our new book pages to see if anything interests you.

As for me…my reading eyes are bigger than the time allowed on my schedule!  I have no less than 12 books piled beside my bed at the moment, and another six that I would like to bring home and add to that reading pile  today. I’m going to be good though, and wait.   But because I like to share the wealth, here are the six I’m most looking forward to getting my hands on:

* * *

Theodosia and the Eyes of Horus, by R. L. LaFevers.
I love Theodosia!  She’s the kid that Indiana Jones and Hermione Granger would have had if they’d met, fallen in love, and  lived in the late 1800’s.  (Or if you’re an adult reader–she could be Amelia Peabody’s daughter.)  She’s smart, enjoys archaeological expeditions, and knows exactly what to do when confronted with evil curses, strange spiritualists, cheeky pickpockets and moving mummies.  This is the third book about Theodosia, but don’t let that stop you.  Pick up the other two as well!  Egyptian artifacts, mysterious occult ceremonies and Theodosia…of course that makes the reading pile!

Out of the Woods, by Lyn Gardner.
In  Into the Woods, Aurora, Storm and Any Eden were chased out of their ancestral home by Dr. DeWilde and his evil wolves. He persists in following them around the enchanted woods, where they meet both helpful and unhelpful characters from a variety of fairy tales before overcoming their problems. In this sequel, it looks like the girls have a very beautiful step-mama…who is also a witch.  Who apparently likes children very much. With gravy.  I can’t wait to see what kind of adventures the girls get up to as they escape this new threat!  Fairy tales, sisters, and a witch hot on their trail…check. Reading pile?  Double check!

Daniel at the Siege of Boston 1776, by Laurie Calkhoven
History is never closer than when you’re reading about events that took place where you currently live–only  hundreds of years ago.  I haven’t heard much buzz about this book yet, but knowing that it takes place in Boston, during the events of the Revolutionary War, and looking at the adventurous boy this cover, I knew it had to go on my reading pile.

13 Treasures, by Michelle Harrison
This book comes to the US by way of the UK, where it collected quite a few fans and several blog recommendations. A girl being tortured by fairies no one else can see? Scary. Getting sent away to live with her grandmother in a mysterious manor house in the middle of a dark, spooky forest?  Scarier.  Finding out that the woods are full of secrets and a mystery that could endanger her very life?  Now that’s something to read about!

Max Cassidy: Escape from Shadow Island, by Paul Adam
People who have read this book say Max is sort of a combination of Alex Ryder and Houdini–a teenage escape artist who can get out of any kind of chains. But when he gets a clue that tells him he can solve the mystery behind the murder of his father, he first has to follow the clues before he can escape from anything. Adventure, daring escapes and a boy with a mysterious past. Of course that’s going to make the reading pile!

The Time Pirate, by Ted Bell
The second Nick McIver Time Adventure, following Nick of Time. Jumping around in history…that’s Nick’s specialty.  In this book, he starts out fighting in WWII with a WWI plane, but when the evil pirate Captain Billy Blood kidnaps Nick’s sister and brings her back to 1781, Nick has to follow him, and finds himself possessing information that could change the outcome of the American Revolution. What’s a boy to do?  I think it may have been the cover though, that put this one definitely on the “to be read” pile.

* * *

And there you have it. Six books I won’t get to for weeks, because I still have a bunch at home, and I don’t want to have overdues!  It would be a shame to leave them just sitting there, when YOU could be reading any one of them. It’s a plethora of riches; in the meantime, I’ll just have to start reading as fast as I can!



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