With Patriot’s Day coming up, we’ve had some requests for books about Lexington & Concord, Paul Revere’s Ride, and other events during the Revolutionary War. So here’s a booklist for all our patriotic readers!

* * *

Banim, Lisa.  A Spy in the King’s Colony.  1994
In British-occupied Boston in 1776, 11-year-old Emily Parker is determined to find out if a family friend is a traitor to the American Patriots.

Blackwood, Gary.  The Year of the Hangman. 2002
In 1777, having been kidnapped and taken forcibly from England to the American colonies, fifteen-year-old Creighton becomes part of developments in the political unrest there that may spell defeat for the patriots and change the course of history

Borden, Louise.  Sleds on Boston Common: a story from the American Revolution. 2000
Henry complains to the royal governor, General Gage, after his plan to sled down the steep hill at Boston Common is thwarted by the masses of British Troops camped there.

Curtis, Alice Turner.  A Little Maid of Massachusetts Colony. 1996
During the Revolutionary War, Anne Nelson journeys with Indians, is imprisoned, escapes and helps capture an English privateer.

Denenberg, Barry.  The Journal of William Thomas Emerson, a Revolutionary War Patriot.  1998
William, a twelve-year-old orphan, writes of his experiences in pre-Revolutionary War Boston where he joins the cause of the patriots who are opposed to the British rule.

Duey, Kathleen.  Mary Alice Peale.  1996
When her wounded brother returns from battle, twelve-year-old Mary must get help for him without telling her father, a wealthy Tory, who has disowned his son for joining Washington’s Army.

Duncan, Lois.  Peggy. 1970
How the Belle of Philadelphia became the wife of Benedict Arnold.

Elliot, L. M.  Give Me Liberty 2006
Follows the life of thirteen-year-old Nathaniel Dunn, from May 1774 to December 1775, as he serves his indentureship with a music teacher in Williamsburg, Virginia, and witnesses the growing rift between patriots and loyalists, culminating in the American Revolution.

Ernst, Kathleen.  Betrayal at Cross Creek. 2004
Twelve-year-old Elspeth Monro, a Scottish settler and weaver’s apprentice on the North Carolina frontier in 1775, must find out who is betraying her Loyalist family during the months before the start of the Revolutionary War.

Fast, Howard.  April Morning.  1964
Fifteen-year-old Adam Cooper eagerly joins the action of the Revolutionary War. On the morning of April 19, 1775, he stands next to his father to confront British soldiers marching out of Boston. Adam learns the reality of war as he watches his father fall and must fire on the British.

Forbes, Esther.  Johnny Tremain. 1943
After injuring his hand, a silversmith’s apprentice in Boston becomes a messenger for the Sons of Liberty.

Goodman, Joan Elizabeth.  Hope’s Crossing.  1998
During the Revolutionary War, 13-year-old Hope, seized by a band of Tories who attack her Connecticut home, finds herself enslaved in a Tory household and uses all her resources to escape and make her way home.

Jones, Elizabeth. Lady Margaret’s Ghost 2009
In 1776, eleven-year-old Felicity runs the household while her mother and siblings are away, but is distracted by her horse’s ill health, two strangers in town, and the fear that a box of family heirlooms is haunted. Try the other Felicity mysteries as well!

Lawson, Robert.  Ben and Me. 1939
The humorous life of Benjamin Franklin, as told by a mouse.

Lawson, Robert.  Mr. Revere and I. 1953
The true story of Paul Revere, as told by his horse, who was there.

Moss, Marissa.  Emma’s Journal: the story of a Colonial girl. 1999
From 1774 to 1776, Emma describes in her journal her story in Boston, where she witnesses the British Blockade and spies for the American Militia.

O’Dell, Scott.  Sarah Bishop.  1980
Left alone after the deaths of her father and brother, who had taken opposite sides on the War for Independence, and fleeing the British how seek to arrest her, Sarah struggles to shape a new life for herself in the wilderness.

Pope, Elizabeth Marie.  The Sherwood Ring. 1986
A young orphan is sent to live with an eccentric uncle who leaves her largely to herself. She discovers that Uncle Enos’ house is full of mysteries…and ghosts.

Pryor, Bonnie.  Thomas. 1997
In the early years of the Revolutionary War, eleven-year-old Thomas and his family escape a bloody massacre at Wyoming Valley and endure innumerable hardships as they try to make their way to Philadelphia. Read the sequels too!

Reit, Seymour.  Guns for General Washington.  1990
Frustrated with life under siege in Washington’s army, 19-year-old William Knox and his brother, Colonel Henry Knox, undertake the task of moving 183 cannons from Fort Ticonderoga to Boston in the dead of winter.

Rinaldi, Ann.  The Fifth of March. 1993
Fourteen-year-old Rachel March, an indentured servant in the Boston household of John and Abigail Adams, is caught up in the colonists unrest that eventually escalates into the massacre of March 5, 1770.

Savory, Constance. The Reb and the Redcoat. 1961
A resourceful fifteen-year-old junior officer in the American Revolutionary Army is held as prisoner of war in a household in southern England, where he becomes involved with young Charlotte and her family while continuing to plot an escape.

Smith, Mary P.  Boys and Girls of Seventy-seven. 1921
Recounts the experiences of a Massachusetts family during the Revolution.  The Old Deerfield Series #2.

Turner, Ann.  Love Thy Neighbor: the Tory Diary of Prudence Emerson.  2003
In Greenmarsh, Massachusetts, in 1774, thirteen-year-old Prudence keeps a diary of the troubles she and her family face as Tories surrounded by American patriots at the start of the American Revolution.

Webb, Robert.  We Were There at the Boston Tea Party. 1956
Young Jeremy and Deliverance Winthrop find themselves involved through their neighbor, Sam Adams, with the Sons of Liberty and the events leading up to the Boston Tea Party.

* * *

If you want non-fiction relating to the American Revolution, the Dewey Decimal number is J 973.3.  As always, please ask a librarian if you need help finding these or any other titles.  We love to help!



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