Top 100 Children’s Novels

At the beginning of 2010, School Library Journal Book Blogger Elizabeth Bird asked anyone reading her blog (librarians, school librarians, teachers, and students) to send in their favorite top ten children’s novels that changed their lives, and the reasons why.

She compiled the top 100 from this list, and is currently posting the top 20.    Numbers 100 to 21 were posted in batches of five, and now we’re down to one post per day of the top 20.  Today’s entry was #16.

There were some classics, some Newbery winners, some popular titles, a couple surprises, and a few new books that made the countdown.  Check out the list, and see where your top rated books ended up!  (I’m keeping mine a secret until the end, although five of them have already been in the countdown.)  Start at #100:  Ready, set…GO!

What are your ten favorite life-changing children’s novels?  Did they make the countdown?  Do you agree with what did?


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