New Book Friday!

We got a bunch of new books this week, and here are some of our favorites!

* * *

Picture Books:

Chalk by Bill Thomson
This wordless book is a gem! Three friends go to the playground on a rainy day and find, hanging from the plastic dinosaur play structure, a bag full of chalk.  The first  girl draws a sun on the sidewalk, and the sun comes out! The second girl draws butterflies, and suddenly, the sunny air is full of butterflies. Then the boy picks up the green chalk and draws the dinosaur, and…oh, NO!  These kids are in BIG trouble!

Roly Poly Pangolin by Anna Dewdney
The author of Llama Llama does it again! Meet Roly Poly Pangolin–a little pangolin who sticks close to his mama. He’s scared of everything–a line of ants, a friendly monkey, even a loud noise!  When he’s scared, he does what all pangolins do when they’re frightened–he rolls up into a tiny ball. But Roly Poly is surprised when he finally peeks out, because another ball is peeking back . . .   Don’t miss this one; the expressions on the characters’ faces are adorable.  Plus…how many other pangolins can you think of in kids’ books?

Good Night, Tiptoe by Polly Dunbar
I love Polly Dunbar’s Tilly and Friends series! They’re gentle, humorous stories about Tilly’s day-to-day adventures with her friends. In this story, Tiptoe insists he’s not sleepy as Tilly gives him his goodnight kiss. Tilly tries singing him a lullaby, but the rambunctious bunnyis busy banging on his drums. It’s not until Tilly reads a bedtime story that Tiptoe finally seems to drift off. But who will tuck Tilly in and kiss HER good night?

* * *


American Girls Mysteries!  Did you know there are three new titles?

Missing Grace: A Kit Mystery, by Elizabeth McDavid Jones
The Puzzle of the Paper Daughter: A Julie Mystery, by Kathryn Reiss
Secrets at Camp Nokomis: A Rebecca Mystery, by Jacqueline Greene

A missing dog, a mysterious code (in Chinese!) and secretive bunkmate…three very different problems to solve by three different generations of American Girls. If you like puzzle-type mysteries and the American Girl series, you’ll love these titles!

Gabriel’s Horses, Gabriel’s Triumph, and Gabriel’s Journey, by Alison Hart
A trilogy that seems to be gaining popularity with boys, through both word-of-mouth and a variety of book blogs. Gabriel is a slave on a  Kentucky plantation, but his father is a free man. When his father joins the Union Army in order to earn enough money to buy Gabriel and his mother’s freedom, Gabriel is left to care for Master Giles’ thoroughbreds. When Confederate raiders try to steal the horses, Gabriel escapes with eight of them. The trilogy tells the story of his adventures set against the backdrop of the Civil War.

* * *


Cool Baking Series

Cool Cookies & Bars, Cool Pet Treats, and Cool Cakes & Cupcakes, by Pam Price
Cooking techniques, strategies, prep work and simple recipes.  What’s not to love about this series? Kids (and dogs, and cats and even horses) should eat it up.

Mythlopedia Series:

She’s all That!, What a Beast!, Oh My Gods! and All in the Family!
So you think you know Greek mythology? Find out how much you never found out about Greek Gods, Goddesses, monsters and family relationships in on Mount Olympus. A humorous look at the family tree; perfect for fans of Percy Jackson.

* * *

And there you have it. A bunch of fun new books that are sure to please any reader.

As always, if you’d like to see more of our new books, check out the link on the Weston Library Kids Page, or go to our BookNotes page!



One thought on “New Book Friday!

  1. Thanks for the nice write up on my Racing to Trilogy series. I love corresponding with readers, so let them know I will reply to snail mail or email. Boy readers are sometimes reluctant to ‘connect’ but perhaps a few in a book club might have some questions. Gabriel’s Journey in particular, which has a great Civil War fight scene, will appeal to guys!

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