Booklist: Ghosts!

Do you like to read things that make you shiver?  Give you goosebumps? Make you pull out that nightlight you put away years ago?  If so, grab your flashlight, pop some popcorn, and read one of these books featuring a frightening ghost…or maybe two.  You may not turn your hair white overnight, but it will make you think twice about visiting a haunted house!  Middle grade fiction, best for kids in fifth and sixth grades.

Carman, Patrick. Skeleton Creek
Housebound following an eerie accident, Ryan continues to investigate the strange occurrences in his hometown, recording his findings in a journal and viewing video clips sent by fellow detective Sarah. One really interesting part of this book is that the reader may view Sarah’s videos on a website by using links and passwords found in the text.

Clapp, Patricia. Jane-Emily
Louisa and her niece, Jane are spending the summer with Jane’s grandmother. While Louisa is courted by a young doctor, Jane becomes obsessed with a reflecting ball in the garden. Louisa is horrified when it seems that everyone is being targeted by some vengeful force, but when she realizes that Jane is in real danger, she has to act.

DeFelice, Cynthia C. The Ghost of Fossil Glen
Allie Nichols is about to fall from a cliff when she is guided down by the ghost of a young girl. When an old journal mysteriously appears in her mailbox, Allie realizes that the ghostly girl needs her help, and puts her own life in danger to solve the mystery.  This is the first book in a series about Allie and her ghostly adventures.

Hahn, Mary Downing. Wait Till Helen Comes
Molly, her brother Michael and their bratty stepsister Heather move to an isolated converted church in the country. The adjoining graveyard frightens Molly, but Heather seems drawn to it. Is someone trying  to lure Heather to her doom? Molly determines to save her stepsister and solve the mystery of Helen’s death.

Morton-Shaw, Christine. The Hunt for the Seventh
With every step he takes around the grounds of his new home, Jim is haunted by the ghosts of children who no one else can see. Following their cryptic clues,  Jim discovers an ancient curse that needs to be unraveled before disaster strikes.  But can Jim figure it out before innocent people die?

Reich, Detrich. Ghost Ship
In 1772, a horrible injustice was committed. Men were killed, gold was stolen, and the crewof a ship were cursed. Years later,  Vicki has discovered a secret hidden inside the ship’s figurehead.  That discovery and supernatural occurrences lead Vicki and her friend Peter on a quest to lift a curse and set right a horrible deed committed two hundred and thirty years ago.

Ruby, Laura. Lily’s Ghosts
Lily is so horrified by a portrait of her  great uncle  that she hides it in the closet. Very soon, inexplicable things begin to happen: strange phone calls, objects changing location, jam in her shoes. Before long, Lily realizes that she is being haunted, and she resolves to solve a mystery from the past that involves her uncle’s house and several of her relatives.

St. John, Wylley Folk. The Ghost Next Door
Sherry never knew about her half sister Miranda, who died before she was born. But strangely, she seems to know things that only Miranda would know. Next-door-neighbors Lindsey and Tammy decide to get involved when Sherry seems to be in danger.  Can they solve the mystery before it’s too late?

Wright, Betty Ren. Crandall’s Castle
Charli’s impulsive uncle decides to buy the town’s abandoned, possibly haunted castle and fix it up as a bed-and-breakfast.  Charli and Sophia, an orphan who has come to stay with the  family, sense that something is wrong as they help him renovate.  The girls find themselves banding together when the house’s dark past comes into the present in a chilling climax.

Wright, Betty Ren. The Dollhouse Murders
When Amy explores her great-grandparents’ attic, she uncovers clues to a chilling family secret. A dollhouse filled with a ghostly light in the middle of the night and dolls that have moved from where she last left them lead Amy and her  sister to unravel the mystery surrounding an unsolved grisly murder that took place years ago.



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