New Book Fridays!

Today’s New Books–Fun Non-Fiction!

Non-fiction can be fun too…and these books prove it.

The Encyclopedia of Immaturity, Volume 2
Klutz Press

This follow-up to the first Encyclopedia of Immaturity has even more ways to amaze your friends, torment your enemies and annoy your parents. From How to be the Fourth Stooge to How to Get People Wet to How to Eat Scabs. (ewwww!)

(For those parents out there reading this, there are some interesting things too, like How to make a Book Cover and How to Play a Harmonica. So it’s not all bad.)

Ask Me Anything: Every Fact You Ever Wanted to Know
Dorling Kindersley

They say every fact, and they mean it! Divided into eleven categories including Science, Earth, History, and Transportation, each page contains a subject with great illustrations, some instructions on how to use the information, and a bit of trivia. Learn how to fly a plane, grow mushrooms and find out silly facts, like if you can run a car on chocolate. A great overview of many things you’d never think to ask.

One Million Things: Planet Earth
by John Woodward, Dorling Kindersley

Another great DK book, this one has one million facts about our planet Earth. (Okay, probably not a million, but a couple hundred, at least!) The photographs are wonderful, and the facts cover everything from types of clouds to the make-up of glaciers and icebergs, to the impact of humans on the environment.  Also new is  One Million Things: Animal Life.

Crust & Spray: Gross Stuff in your Eyes, Ears, Nose and Throat
by C.S. Larsen

It’s the facts, and only the facts (along with one recipe for fake snot), about sputum, phlegm and earwax. Gross?  Yes. But undeniably appealing to some readers out there.

The Pocket Guide to the Outdoors: Based on My Side of the Mountain
By Jean Craighead George

In the Newbery-award winning book My Side of the Mountain, Sam Gribley  survived in the wilderness with nothing but his wits and a few supplies. Could you do the same?  This small book from the author tells you everything you need to know about survival, from the essentials you need to bring, to the plants and animals you can eat, to knots and how to make a shelter. It’s a book I’d want with me if I was stranded on the side of a mountain!

The Vampire Book
by Sally Regan

Lastly, for some of our older, Twilight fans, we have a book with everything you need to know about vampires. (The subtitle is The Legends, the Lore, the Allure.)  If you’re an Edward fan, this book is for you!  Along with information on literary vampires, there’s some cases of “true” vampires…including one mysterious occurence that took place in nearby Rhode Island.

And that’s is for this edition of New Books, the Gross-out factor.  All these titles are available at the Weston Public Library. Ask a librarian if you need help reserving them!


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